After installing RAM my computer won't start, whats wrong ?

By paulmcg42 ·
Ok so a week ago I tried installing new RAM In my desktop, it's a quad core acer and originaly had 2gb of DDR2 RAM, but when I tried instaling a second 2gb stick it's didn't seem to take and my computer wouldn't work, so for the sake of trying I put the new stick into the first slot(where my orginal ram was) and same issue. Accepting that the RAM is just not compatable I switched it back to the original setup without the new RAM at all and I still have the same problem.

When I turn on the computer it runs but a loud beeping soon starts, lasts about 10 seconds then stops for another 10 seconds to start again. There is no response from the screen.

I've tried removing the cmos battery and all power connections for a half hour, which seems to be the popular fix that I've found but have had no luck.

Any idea what my issue might be ??

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Inspect RAM sockets

by TheChas In reply to After installing RAM my c ...

Best guess is that when you installed the second RAM DIMM that either a contact was bent and then shorted, or some conductive debris ended up jammed into the slot.

You may need a bright light and some magnification to find the problem.

Another possible cause is ESD damage. It does not take very low humidity to set up conditions that will generate enough of a static discharge to damage computer parts.

You did turn off or unplug the power supply before you started installing the new DIMM? Just having the computer off is not enough. There is 5 volt standby power on the motherboard all time. Installing or removing components with 5 volt power on can cause damage.

Another possibility is damage from flexing the motherboard when installing the memory. Flexing can cause solder joints to fracture or even short the motherboard to the case.


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Reponse To Answer

by paulmcg42 In reply to Inspect RAM sockets

ok so installing the ram into the last lost (of which i have 4) seems to stop the beeping, so I can assume that i have damaged the ram slot.

But the screen still doesn't respond, could this still be a ram issue ?

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Need RAM for POST

by TheChas In reply to After installing RAM my c ...

Well, most systems need a minimum amount of RAM just to perform the POST functions and display the BIOS screens.

This is even more true if you have on-board video which uses system RAM for video RAM.

Sounds like it is at least new motherboard time.

Before replacing the motherboard or system, open up the case and take a close look at all connections and plugs. Use a desk lamp or flashlight so that you get a good look at all the connections on the motherboard.

While you are at it, look at the capacitors on the motherboard. (silver topped cylinders)
If any look crowned or show a chemical leak near the base, failed capacitors are your root problem and it was just a coincidence that actual failure occurred when you installed more RAM.

I know that I post about capacitor failures a lot. But, I see a lot of motherboards where the caps have failed.


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