After installing RAM my computer won't start, whats wrong ?

By paulmcg42 ·
Ok so a week ago I tried installing new RAM In my desktop, it's a quad core acer and originaly had 2gb of DDR2 RAM, but when I tried instaling a second 2gb stick it's didn't seem to take and my computer wouldn't work, so for the sake of trying I put the new stick into the first slot(where my orginal ram was) and same issue. Accepting that the RAM is just not compatable I switched it back to the original setup without the new RAM at all and I still have the same problem.

When I turn on the computer it runs but a loud beeping soon starts, lasts about 10 seconds then stops for another 10 seconds to start again. There is no response from the screen.

I've tried removing the cmos battery and all power connections for a half hour, which seems to be the popular fix that I've found but have had no luck.

Any idea what my issue might be ??

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Have you checked the beep codes?

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to After installing RAM my c ...
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Well, one of three things happened

by robo_dev In reply to After installing RAM my c ...

1) If the new ram was not seated properly, it burns out the motherboard and/or the ram.

2) if the slots are dusty, then dust gets in there and makes things not work...sometimes simply by interfering with seating the RAM module fully in the slot.

3) ESD (electrostatic discharge) damaged the motherboard and/or RAM as part of this process. Wearing an ESD wriststrap may be overkill, but be sure to at least touch a ground point immediately (like the power supply of a plugged in PC) before touching ram or the motherboard, especially in the Winter and also especially if you are seated on a plastic chair on a plastic floor mat.

Hopefully by just giving the slots a blast of compressed air and re-seating the original RAM firmly in the slot, all will be well.

The beeping/no video is what motherboards do with no memory installed.

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ram problems are pretty basic

by databaseben In reply to After installing RAM my c ...

the beeping might simply be due to the old ram not being seated in the slot correctly "or" the bios ram settings are off.

as for the new ram not working in the first slot, it is likely due to being defective or the wrong type.

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more than 3 things

by oldbaritone In reply to After installing RAM my c ...

I have to disagree with robo_dev saying "Wearing an ESD wriststrap may be overkill". When you're handling any static-sensitive components, it's not overkill; it's a good idea. That's why the manufacturer uses those special bags and puts all those stickers and warnings on the package. Ignore their warnings at your own risk. Wrist straps are cheap. ESD can be VERY expensive.

4) the mobo may have been damaged while seating the RAM chips. If the RAM is pushed down too hard during seating, it may crack some traces in the mobo. Low-end, inexpensive motherboards are often more sensitive to this.

5) the RAM may have been incompatible, enough so to cause damage to the RAM controller or the original RAM chip.

Depending on the mobo, it may have a stack of 4 discrete LEDs. These indicate the current state of the system, including during POST. They may tell you what's wrong. This FAQ also lists "beep codes" for AMI and Phoenix

Be careful with compressed air; hold the nozzle/tube at an angle so you're making the "junk" fly up and out. And likewise, have the mobo vertical while you're doing it, so you **** the garbage out of the computer case, not just move it to a different place on the mobo.
If you're blowing straight down, you may be blowing debris straight down into the socket even deeper. Canned air can help if used properly, but it can make things worse too.

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Could have unseated a card

by fawoodward In reply to After installing RAM my c ...

Try reseating all installed cards also. By inserting and removing the ram sticks, you could have caused one or more of the cards to become unseated.

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