After Purchasing a new 2.1GB harddisk of Segate company, How to boot it?

By 786network ·
How to boot a new 2.1GB hard-disk of seagate company as the the system configuration is as follows:
- P-II (Celeron)
- 333MHz clock speed
- 128 MB RAM
- 2.1GB HDD
- Windows 98 (old version)

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Partion, Format, System, Install

by TheChas In reply to After Purchasing a new 2. ...

A new hard drive is like a blank pad of paper, it does nothing until you write on it.

The hard drive needs to be partitioned (FDISK). Set it as the primary DOS partition.

Formatted and System files copied format C: /s

Then, it is ready to have the operating system installed.

The easy way to do this is to boot up with a Windows 98 startup floppy. (Not just a DOD boot disk).
Run FDISK and set up your partition.
Reboot and then format the drive and copy the system files.
format c: /s
Then, insert your W98 installation CD and run setup.


Now, if this was a name brand system that you bought new years ago, you might have a recovery CD and a floppy to boot from to use the recovery CD.

If you have this, it will return your computer to the state it was in the first time it was power up.


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