After reloading Windows 7, cannot connect to server network

By patgraham ·
We had a hard drive fail on a Windows 7 Dell Optiplex 380. Dell replaced the hard drive and we reloaded everything on the computer and thought we reconnected it to the the LAN network on the server. Instead, it created network 2 to join the LAN. It shows up in the client machines on the server. It connects to email through the exchange server. It does everything it is supposed to do except connect to the common database files for Quick Books and Peachtree on our server. It rejects connecting to the local WAN. The error message is that it is unable to join the network. Any ideas on how to fix this?

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To clarify

by robo_dev In reply to After reloading Windows 7 ...

Is this a domain or a workgroup? Is the workgroup name correct and/or has the PC been added to the domain?

If it can do email, then it's getting an IP address, and I assume it can get to the Internet

Is the problem it cannot see Windows shares or resources (like it cannot connect to the domain?)

I assume the Quickbooks and Peachtree use Active Directory authentication?

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Reponse To Answer

by patgraham In reply to To clarify

In the system settings on the machine, it shows itself as belonging to a work group called network 2. It has a static ip address with a subnet, gateway, DNS 1 and 2, and a WIN address and accesses the internet and every file on the server except shared files in Peachtree and Quickbooks. These accounting programs are loaded on multiple machines in our offices which access databases stored on the server. This machine cannot access those databases. It will not join the domain network using the same protocols we have used with the other 22 machines on the network. How do I get it to join the local domain?

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See Link

by robo_dev In reply to After reloading Windows 7 ...

windows (dot) microsoft (dot) com/en-US/windows7/Connect-your-computer-to-a-domain

put real dots in place of (dot) for URL since forum spam filter wont let me post urls

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Windows 7

by drumright In reply to After reloading Windows 7 ...

First question, 1. Windows 7 that was reloaded by dell would this happen to be the home version instead of pro? (Home will not join a domain network)
2. Quickbooks and Peachtree might also have a UID type connection, when reloading the apps on windows 7 are you configuring the workstation to connect to the database or setting it up to be single user mode.
3. When trying to join the domain, have you checked AD to make sure and reset the account that pertains to the computer that has now been reloaded with different hardware?
4. Try renaming the windows 7 pc then join it to the network, this could help... if this doesn't work check the Domain Controller logs for any warnings or errors for this pc when joining the domain..... One other thing please try to ping the server by ip address then by FQDN. Let me know if this works, it is possible if you have dns on the domain that you are pulling dns from your modem or router instead of the dns server internal to the network.

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Domain environment, duplicated name

by exark In reply to After reloading Windows 7 ...

If you're in a domain environment, which it sounds like you are. Make sure you remove the computers old name form Active Directory before trying to rejoin it. The computer wouldnt have the same SID and therefore would look like an impostor to AD. Unjoin from the domain if it is already joined, delete the computer account from AD if it is left behind, give it a couple minutes to propgate to any other Domain Controllers and rejoin.

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