After renaming user account, old name still appears in Welcome login screen

By dm4w ·
After I renamed a secondary administrator account on a WinXP Home machine - (using Control Panel-User Accounts), the old user account name still appears in the Welcome/login screen when booting up every time.

The new account name (if entered it instead of the old account name) will allow you to log-on using the same password, but the old account name always appears in the user menu on the login window. (BTW - you can still log-on using the old account name also - using the same password)

How can I resolve this so that the old account name goes away, and the new account name always appears in the login window?

Thanks for any feedback....


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by p.j.hutchison In reply to After renaming user accou ...

Are you sure you renamed it? Do you change the object or just the display or description fields.
You can check the account in
Control userpasswords2.cpl

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REPLY - After renaming user account......

by dm4w In reply to Renaming


Thanks for the response....

When I renamed it I was logged on as administrator, I did a Start-Control Panel-User Accounts-Selected account to edit-Rename-edited name, so that's what and how I did it....

Please excuse my ignorance, but when you say...."check the account in Control userpasswords2.cpl".... what is "userpasswords.cpl", how do I access it, what am I looking for once I do access it, and once I review it what "should" it be to correct the problem?



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Control panel

by p.j.hutchison In reply to REPLY - After renaming us ...

The userpassword2.cpl is a 'hidden' control panel which gives more functionality than the one provided in XP Home.

Also, if you rename an account, it will not rename your profile in C:\documents and settings. Ideally, you would create a new account and move documents etc across to the new account to ensure a consistent account.

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something to try

by Sue T In reply to Control panel

were you logged on as the user whose account you wanted to change? If not, log on as that user and try changing the name. I have found some funky things when I try to make these kind of changes when not logged on as that user. Hope this helps.

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RESPONSE - Renmaing account question - old name remains

by dm4w In reply to something to try


Thanks for the response.....

No, I was logged in to a different administrator account when making the rename change to the account in question. Didn't think you could change the account name of the account in which you were logged on..... thought you had to be logged on to a different admin account to do the renaming.


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Rename user

by p.j.hutchison In reply to RESPONSE - Renmaing accou ...

Yes, you should really do renames from the Administrator account.

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