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I have Vista Home Basic and all of a sudden for no apparent reason, after the screen saver goes off and the monitor usually goes black it now doesn't! Instead, it just flashes full screens of different colours one after the other and this goes on and on! I have tried a system restore, which made no difference whatsoever, and I'm now at a loss as to what to do next. Can anyone help please?

It's now the next day and things have got worse. I turned off the monitor last night when I went to bed and when I got up this morning and turned it back on, the screen was still flashing different colours but the power button on the computer was actually flashing on and off (green not yellow) and it took absolutely ages to wake the computer up. Even my internet connection had cut off. From putting it to sleep in the past, I know the power button on the computer goes yellow but what does it mean when it's green flashing on and off? As I never ever put my computer to sleep and don't know what to do, please please can someone, anyone, out there help me?!

Latest update is I've been on to the manufacturer of my monitor and after a few tests we've discovered it's actually broken - lucky for me it's still under guarantee! Thanks to anyone who tried to help!

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by CG IT In reply to After screensaver .....

also known as the mogwai blended threat.

The normal removal tools don't get rid of them. Typically if you have 1, they multipy.

The biggest problem with the mogwai blended threat is that you can never allow the computer to hibernate or sleep. If you allow the computer to hibernate or sleep, you can never wake it up.

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