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After two weeks, my five gripes with Windows 8.

By CharlieSpencer ·
1) I have two monitors. For years I've had my taskbar positioned vertically, along the left edge of the right monitor, so that the taskbar runs down the middle of the total desktop space. On previous versions of Windows, that put the old Start button in the upper left of the right hand screen. The hotspot to the Start screen is causing me two problems. One is that it can't be moved from the lower left, and a decade of habit has me headed for the upper left to start new programs. The second issue is when I attempt to bring up the hotspot from the lower left corner of the right side monitor, I have to aim precisely or my cursor goes skidding over to the left side monitor.

2) When I copy files from one location to another, I get a pop-up showing me the transfer progress. When the transfer is complete and the pop-up shows 100%, I can't make the pop-up go away. If I click Close or X, it asks me if I want to kill the current transfer. Regardless of whether I answer Yes or No, the progress window remains. The only way I've found of making it go away is to kill the Explorer process, and we all know what a pain that is.

3) It doesn't handle multiple monitors well. I normally turn my monitors off each night and let the computer eventually go to sleep. When I turn the monitors back on, all apps from the secondary monitor have been moved to the primary. Apps that were maximized have been resized. This doesn't happen if I leave the monitors on while the computer snoozes, but there's again several years of habit to overcome. Also, application windows don't consistently reopen at the same size as when they were closed.

4) This one may be just me, but I can't figure out how to have multiple programs start at login. Another TR article mentioned where the Startup folder is, but putting links to programs in it doesn't seem to do anything. I have to start those programs manually each Monday morning. Yeah, it's only once a week, but it gets very annoying when combined with the previously mentioned failure to reopen at the same size as when closed. I guess I could create Scheduled Tasks for each of these.

5) I'd love to disable the Charms bar. When I aim for the scroll bar on an app that's against the right side of either monitor, the Charms bar annoyingly appears. If offers nothing I use except the Power button once a week. (Some of the military's 'Meals, Ready to Eat' rations include Charms candy. Getting those is considered fatally bad luck.)

I'm going to stick with it until the Blue patch is released next month. Best case scenario is that will reintroduce the Start button and it will be back at the top of my task bar. But if Blue doesn't fix at least the file transfer window and application window size problems, I'll probably go back to W7.

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I put my taskbar in the same spot

by Slayer_ In reply to After two weeks, my five ...

The hot spot in Windows 8 is hard to hit if it is between monitors.

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I could go all the way to the left monitor's bottom left corner.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to I put my taskbar in the s ...

That way I could just slam the cursor home, but that's a lot of screen real estate to cover. That's why I put the task bar in the middle to begin with; so it would be easily accessible from either monitor.

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to After two weeks, my five ...

to push the 'hard drive' spammers off the front page.

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