After uninstalled, program still listed in control panels Add/Remove.

By dwood005 ·
In windows Vista I have uninstalled several programs and they continue to be listed in the control panels Programs and Features folder. How do I remove these left over items?


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by AruJammer In reply to After uninstalled, progra ...

This one helped me with deleting programs who still listed in programs after deletion, also cleaning the registry with this tool help with removing unecesary records. (always make a backup from your registry before making any changes)

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by mafergus In reply to CCleaner.exe
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Re: Also

by dwood005 In reply to Also

I Thought of trying the cleanup utility but wasn't sure what it works on. The info on it made me think that it works on M$ Office only.

If it isn't limited to MS Office then I will surly try it.


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It works on

by mafergus In reply to Re: Also

every program that uses msi installer tech. I have used it on a number of differnt apps.

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It works

by dwood005 In reply to It works on

That worked out quite well. The troublesome entries are gone. It took very little effort to remove them with the clean up program. I should have used that procedure a long time ago, I just wasn't sure it would work on all items in the list.
Thanks for resolving this nagging problem.


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You are very welcome.

by mafergus In reply to It works
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Please do.

by santeewelding In reply to You are very welcome.
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by dwood005 In reply to CCleaner.exe

Thanks for the suggestion.
It has been six months since I removed Nero and all its sub programs. I have ran CCleaner and its registry tool several times since then. I've even tried Your Uninstaller (where the programs are listed too) and they disappear until I restart windows and invoke Your uninstaller again only to see the programs back in the list.

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