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AGAIN: Memory could not be read

By adamzapple ·
The instruction at 000000 referenced memory at 000000. The memory could not be read.
I get this error at any old time and it doesn't seem to be related to any particular program that is running on my PC other than Windows itself.I have tried everything from Page file and virtual memory tweaks to,,well you name it I have tried it and it just will not go away.I have even reformated once,,, and as soon as I install SP2,,"Thar she Blows",, The same old error returns.

I would like a dollar for every time I have read posts about this error in Win XP since SP2 was released.
I have contacted Microsoft but they deny that there is a problem with this error in XP.They admit that there was a problem in Win 2000 but not XP. They must be blind and deaf.
I think that I will either have to live with it or remove SP2,,unless some genius in here has an answer.

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by diskaus In reply to AGAIN: Memory could not b ...

here are some things to consider, it may not be the source of the problem but it is something to eliminate.
Is Win XP or the SP2 on disk direct form microsoft, or a downloaded or ripped copy ?
If it is downloaded or rippped version of SP2 it may be corrupt, I would get a fresh copy sent to you from Microsoft (if it is still available) or aquire a copy from another source. If Windows is a riped copy , same deal.
Did you install XP on a clean drive or did you install over another version of windows, if not a clean install try doing that.
If all else fails try installing on a bare minimal rescources, ( including hardware ) then if no problems try adding components one at a time and see if you get the same error, if you do then it is most likely accociated with the error.
Hope this helps

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by Oz_Media In reply to AGAIN: Memory could not b ...

Why use SP2 to begin with?

Just because it is available doesn't mean you need ot add it.

You can still add individual security patches as needed. SP2 addresses many issues, as listed in it's documentation, if you are experiencing problems that SP2 fixes, why bother installing it to begin with?

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by philldmc In reply to AGAIN: Memory could not b ...

Have you tested your memory yet?

Here is a link to Windows Memory Diagnostic tool.

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