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Again, you make too many assumptions

By YetAnotherBob ·
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As old as I am?

by YetAnotherBob In reply to Again, you make too many ...

If you are as old as I am, I would like to know when you retired?

As for the Apple computers value, I usually run a PC until it dies. That takes usually around 8 to 10 years. I have a 7 year old laptop that we still use. I also have one old K6 300 that I once used for CAD work. I have had to replace the hard drive on it twice, but as I had it all backed up, that only caused a hiccup in the work flow. Usually less than a day. Right now, it needs a new power supply. It was last in general use as my youngest daughter's school work computer while she was in High School. She just got her Bachelors Degree in Molecular Biochem.

So, I don't trust the manufacturers as much as I trust myself.

My wife is still using my old Moto Razor. If you want to discuss phone longevity, that is really a 2G device. It's going on 6 or 7 years right now, and is on it's third battery. My Droid is close to three years, and is on its second battery. So, I do tend to use them till they drop. Of course that would change if i saw something that I actually needed. But for me, the 1st gen Droid I have now is still overkill.

(BTW, how old is your iPhone? From your comment, I assume it's an iPhone first gen. Not a challenge, just curious.)

Complicated things I prefer to do on a full computer. That includes games, writing, programming, Engineering, web surfing, Animation and artwork. Reading I have found to be (somewhat of a surprise) acceptable on the 'smart phone'. For most computer activities, the screen size is the issue for me. Having a full keyboard and mouse is also good for those kind of activities.

And I will say that anyone who watches movies on a phone is crazy. The bigger the screen the better.

But, I do remember that in my 30's, I did watch Star Trek Next Gen sometimes on a 2" pocket TV. Now, I couldn't even see the difference between Captain Picard and the ship on a screen that small. So, maybe Netflix on your Apple would work for a few people. Does it work for you?

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Some answers from me.

by Vulpinemac In reply to Again, you make too many ...

Starting with "how old is your iPhone?" I'll say that I have a 2nd-gen iPhone 3G (which I'm now using as an iPod Touch) and an iPhone 4. The 3G is running iOS 4.3 smoothly, refuting so many arguments that iOS 4 crippled the older models. I'll grand the original iPhone can't run 4.x, but it's capable of 3.x without issue.

I do agree that a smart phone is too small to do anything truly complex, but it's at least capable of doing most basic media tasks while on the go that saves you from having to take them to a desktop. Taking a quick snapshot with the camera, for instance, and performing a quick color/crop before emailing it simply saves time in the long run. Emails and some web browsing (such as price comparisons while shopping) are a big advantage. Until the iPad, smartphones were also getting used as previewers and sales aids for certain industries. The iPad makes these latter functions especially both easier to see and more functional.

I have viewed movies and music videos on the 3.5" iPhone screen, but then, I'm nearsighted enough that I simply take my glasses off and hold it closer, getting a rough equivalent of a 32" screen across the room. The iPad's larger screen makes it look more like a 70" screen by comparison.

I, too, tend to use a computer 'til it dies; I've never had a Windows-only box last longer than 3 years without major maintenance, even when buying the parts and building it myself. I'm not saying I bought the cheapest stuff available, either. Every machine I've built has cost a minimum of $800 in parts which would make it a $1000 or better machine in most retail houses. In every case the power supply was the first to die and the mo-bo not too long after. One machine I built refused to work despite changing every single component at least once, including both processors and motherboard. Why? I don't know. On the other hand, I've never had an Apple computer or other Apple device fail in less than 5 years with one exception--which was defective out of the box and replaced by cross-shipping directly from Apple.

Again, I admit these are my own experiences, but they are over 30 years of experiences with Apple vs other brands' products.

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