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Age and Career in the future

By russgarrett ·
I have been working with pc's since about 1983 when everything was shifting from main frames to Novell Lans. Now with the internet, the cloud and reliable pc's it is getting tough being a 1 man consultant. the economy is rough also. So at 48 with a wife, 2 kids and a dog to support its tough. Same customers for years just less business from them and new ones hard to get.What direction are some of the small Biz IT consultants at my age going other than Walmart greeters?

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by Ed Woychowsky In reply to Age and Career in the fut ...

I've spent a lot of time learning and using XML technologies. Even though XML has been around for more than 10 years the majority of developers still treat it like it's some kind of flat file. Would you believe that one set of specs actually called for a "record count"?

If the bottom falls out of XML, there's always technical writing.

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by jck In reply to Age and Career in the fut ...

Get more into mainstream consulting, i.e.- build gaming machines or cheap home PCs.

A lot of people can't believe that I can build a PC as cheap as Dell, but you can...easy.

A cheapo case, 2GB RAM, dual core CPU, microATX mobo, HD,DVD, OEM OS, cheap KB and mouse and speakers...all under $400 is doable and make a profit. And it beats the pants off a $299 rig Dell offers for a Sempron-based machine.

You might have to reach out to a different market than small biz...especially with it being year-end and Christmas being a more likely revenue stream than company budgets.

And, I know how you feel. I'm a 40-something and I'm working 2 jobs. I just don't have the wife, kids and dog. But, I pay for everything by myself. And, it's tough to save now that business has been drying/dried up for 2-3 years.

Good luck.

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