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Ageism? Good Idea?

By dotxen ·
Do we really want to have old geeks in our industry? Isn't it time we came clean with the truth and said it like it is? Older people (over 40s) working in the IT industry is like a wrinkly driving a sports car...pathetic! Buy a Volvo for Christsakes!

The oldies struggle to keep up with change. It's a natural consequence of aging. They prattle on about how important understanding DOS is, when no-one gives a toss about DOS anymore and 90% of current IT folk don't even know what it is!

If you were interviewing candidate for a job in network technical support, would you employ a 55 year old? Truthfully please!

It is for the young.......isn't it?

What do you think?

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In 20 years

by Roger99a In reply to Ageism? Good Idea?

In 20 years you'll be crying about how valuable your work experience is and how all these young pups think they know more than they really do, and how they have no work ethic blah blah blah. Putz.

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20 years is a lot

by Adam D. In reply to In 20 years

Must make the distinction that the only way you get wisdom is time.

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Not just time.

by TonytheTiger In reply to 20 years is a lot

Wisdom comes from good judgement over time.
Good judgement comes from experience.
Experience comes from.... bad judgement :)

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well said

by Adam D. In reply to Not just time.

people smart enough to make mistakes? :0)

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by NetSec In reply to well said

Smart enought to make mistakes and LEARN from them. Age has nothing to do with that. It's all about ability, determination sheer stick-to-it-iveness.

Speaking as one of the "over 40" I think rings around the "young pups". I can, and do, frequently answer questions in the dead of night without fully waking up - that's how well I know my stuff. Coming up during the time when pride was taken in a job well done, I wouldn't want to be one of the younglings today. Most are all brash and flash - no depth.

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You got that right!

by Super_IT_Mom In reply to Discriminatory

I am so with you CrisTech! The attitude of the young newbies is disgusting. No one wants to deal with someone who thinks they know it all.

Sounds like Robb will just have to learn the hard way.

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You said a mouthful there...

by ladyjet In reply to You got that right!

I remember when I thought I knew everything, too. I wouldn't go back to my 20's for any price. I love the age and love my knowledge. I can do things now, that I never thought I'd be able to do--thought it was only in the Sci-Fi books I used to read, but it's all come to pass and then some. With my husband and I involved in the computer world and have been since 1976 (him) and me (1985 when PCs started coming on board), we've learned more than we thought we could and can navigate the Net with the best of them. My hubby taught me things and I've taught him things, and we both take seminars on the Net and in RL to stay on top. My husband loves what he does and is creating new and cutting edge products that are selling like hot cakes, and is creating more to fill the gap of the ones that sold... Thank goodness they're all patented ideas, too, becasue I've learned how cut throat companies are if they think they can grab your ideas away free and clear without doing the work. So, Robb, good luck. The school of hard knocks is not the worst way to learn, but at least learn before you spout off.

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In The Old Days Smart People Got Into IT

by keith2468a In reply to You got that right!

In the old days, some very smart people entered the IT field.

Nowadays, because of agism, because weak managers hire those who are "no threat", after 10 to 20 years a person faces an assumption of obsolecense.

What very smart person would try to make a career in a field like this? It would kind of be proof they are dumb.

Instead the very smart now enter engineering, sales, accounting, etc.

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DOSsyes have more fun!

by MaeseRalf In reply to You got that right!

Wisdom is a seed that grows with experience.
The only thing I could think after reading the CrisTech's post was I'll never hire a technician who states so clearly its unknowledge! How on evil he/she will be able to deal with windows deep service with no knowledge of DOS? Haw to chek deeply the disk surface? (for instance)
Youth is normally a life's period plenty of suficience, when the human never think to get old itself; so they do sentences that, for the times forecoming, will jeopardice their career.
Here in Spain we have a short story about a boy making a wood-cup for his parents, as he look the way they work with the grandfather.
Regards, soon or late we all get unhaired.

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challenge to non-DOSers.

by pete1978 In reply to You got that right!

In teaching an OS class once, a student challenged me that DOS was outdated and no longer necessary. I challenged the student to copy all of the DOC XLS MDB TXT GIF and JPG files on the C: drive to a second hard drive (say drive f:) while keeping the original source directory structure. The student could not tell me how to do that in GUI short of a **** of a lot of work.

I then entered a command window and typed

for %f in (DOC XLS MDB TXT GIF JPG) do xcopy C:\*.%f f /s/e/v

and then I walked away while the PC did the work. The student never doubted the value of DOS again.

Too bad Robb wasn't in that class.

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