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Agfa T5000 scanner error

By tonnaer ·

I?ve got a bad question. It is a problem for over
almost one bad year.
I got a scanner from Agfa, a real big one, the
That scanner is connected by a G4 macintosh
with system 9.2.2 and the scanner software is
Agfa ColorTune 3.0.
I got when i am work at the scanner after a half
hour a error: ?divice error: System error, Motor
Actuator failure.?
Than the scanner stops working.
Other errors are: Error: T5000, device error:
SCSI interface error, Command time out in
Get White Cal. and Motor initilization error.
I already replace the SCSI card with a SCSI
Adaptec 2930 SCSI-2 card for the basic
SCSI-one card!

What more can i do on this problem?

Please contact me, Theo Scheepers

from Holland with best regards to you...

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by lyon_bleu In reply to Agfa T5000 scanner error


The errors displayed sound like the scanner itself needs repair.
Such problems with motors and servos are frequently the
result of not enough air circulating to cool the parts. Hopefully
it is still under warranty.

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by bheyman In reply to Agfa T5000 scanner error

I had funny errors on a different devicee and followed
the same path as you. It turned out to be the actual
SCSI cable even tyhough it was brand new. It was so
simple, I just over looked it. It is also podssible you
have a software conflict. I'm sure you kow how to test for

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by wlbowers In reply to Agfa T5000 scanner error

Check to see if the scanner has a diagnostic program. If it does run it.

Here is the support page at agfa.

remove any spaces that show up during copy and paste.

I have used them before on support.


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