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    Aggressive Floppy Seek, Win 98SE


    by savjm ·

    I have a client that has at least 2 machines (the whole office has dell optiplex) whos floppy drives are aggressively accessed by the OS (Win 98 SE). I cannot locate any literature on this anomaly, although I do remember seeing it discussed in one of the many computer rags I read.

    Anybody have a clue how to stop it?

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      Clear references to A

      by thechas ·

      In reply to Aggressive Floppy Seek, Win 98SE

      The first step, is to clear ALL references and shortcuts that refer to the A: drive.

      I search the registry on a: and delete or change ALL references to the A: drive.

      Same for the recent documents folder.

      Disable floppy drive seek in both BIOS settings, and the Performance tab of device manager.

      Then, check the settings for the A: drive in the anti-virus software.

      To prevent a re-occurrence, train users to not open or save files directly from/to the floppy from inside applications.
      Use Windows Explorer to copy files to / from the floppy.

      By the way, this type of question belongs in the Technical Q&A section.


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