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    Agile Software Development: We don’t need no stinkin governance!


    by robo_dev ·


    The Agile Kool-aid is very sweet and tasty.

    The various teams are all doing their happy stand-up meetings, have their pretty new whiteboards and the code is just flowing out of the developers like a fractured sewer main the day after Thanksgiving. There’s a Wiki, there’s a VersionOne instance, all the toys.

    But now, once the dust settles, I’m asking what happened to things like nice test plans, well documented requirements, and some of the good old-fashioned governance stuff?

    Oh, they, say, “it’s Agile, documentation is evil. Our test consisted of one test of one screen, therefore nothing was documented. Besides, the sprint would fail if the code was bad. Stop asking me questions, or you will cause the sprint to fail and make the Kool-aid taste bad”.

    “But” I counter, “how do you find out a year from now if one programmer has a blind-spot in one area and did lots of bad things to lots of code? Or how do I know things were really properly tested….do my QA people just say “trust me” “?

    Do I need to embed my governance people in with the Agile teams (like embedded war reporters)? This would likely compromise their independence and make them part of the process.

    Or do I need to be the bad-parent and make the agile teams throw me a bone and at least document something? I am guessing I need to write a book on building governance in an Agile world.

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      Agile doesn’t preclude documentation

      by kar_29 ·

      In reply to Agile Software Development: We don’t need no stinkin governance!

      Using agile methodology doesn’t mean good engineering practices should be thrown out the window. Some documents are essential for any dev effort that has more than 2-3 developers. Example of a few docs that I can’t do without: user stories, architectural diagram, ERD, test plan (including test cases for each user story), bug tracking & defect reports. These docs are tools for communication, but more importantly they stimulate clear thinking.

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