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agitating elections Canada can be fun ]:)

By Jaqui ·
CEO-DGE, wrote:
> File: 234441
> Thank you for your e-mail of September 17, 2008
> In some provinces, a system of declined ballot or protest vote exists. However, this type of procedure does not exist at the federal level.

> The option available is that the regular voting procedure applies and the elector takes the ballot behind the voting compartment, leaves it blank, folds it, gives it back to the deputy returning officer who tears off the counterfoil and returns it to the elector who deposits the unmarked ballot in the ballot box. At the close of the poll, in accordance with the Canada Elections Act, the ballot is counted and reported as a rejected ballot.
Yup, rejected, not as a vote of NO CONFIDENCE. a FEDERAL Election SHOULD promote voters to ge out and vote by making their vote count, even if it's one of no confidence. The "rejected" ballot method does not do that.

right now, not voting is the same as a blank ballot.
There is no reason to vote on October 14 because Elections Canada WILL NOT count my vote of no confidence. ( The only thing I'm confident in from the federal government is that I will get shafted by them, they already DESTROYED my marriage to a US Citizen. )

I REQUIRE a no confidence box on EVERY ballot.
I want the citizens of Canada to have the opportunity to express their disgust with the rampant corruption in Ottawa. The only way they can do that short of ARMED Revolution is for Elections Canada to put a none of the above box on EVERY Ballot. You want to have a civil war or something?

> The sections of the Act that define rejected ballots are subsection 284(1) and section 76, and spoiled ballots are defined in subsections 2(1) and 152(1).
> We invite you to visit our Web site ( to access the full text of the Canada Elections Act. After choosing English, please click on Electoral Law and Policy found on the left-hand side in the top banner of our home page. On the next page under Electoral Legislation, please click on Federal Electoral and Referendum Legislation. On the following page, click on Federal Electoral Legislation, and on the next page under Canada Elections Act, please click on Table of Provisions. Scroll down the following page until you reach the specific parts of the Act.
> Elections Canada is an independent body set up by Parliament, responsible solely for the application of federal elections and referendums. Amendments to the Canada Elections Act are debated in the House of Commons' Standing Committee on Procedures and House Affairs. If you wish to submit a proposal for amending the Canada Elections Act, may we suggest you write to:
> The Standing Committee on Procedures and House Affairs
> House of Commons,
> Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6.
> Should you need additional information about the Canadian federal electoral system, please contact us via our Web site ( or by calling 1 800 463-6868, toll-free in Canada and the United States. Our hours of operation are Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Eastern time).
> Yours truly,
> St?phanie Plante
> Senior Enquiries Officer
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> From: J. Greenlees [] Sent: September 17, 2008 8:30 AM
> To: CEO-DGE,
> Cc:;
> Subject: missing on ballot
> No bull about Elections Canada NOT having anything in place to put a "none of these corrupt assholes are worth voting for" box on EVERY ballot in the country.
> put one on the ballots, give those Canadians who don't vote a REASON to actually vote.
> wake up to reality, those who do not vote have NO CONFIDENCE in the system, GIVE THEM A VOICE! Put a none of the above box on the ballots.
> Since the Office of the Govenor General does have a role in elections, They are getting a copy.
> CTV News is also getting a copy.
> [ the REST of the media only have website forms which are USELESS for sending them copies of this contact. ]

go for it!!
rattle them up some more. ]:)

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by Jaqui In reply to agitating elections Canad ...

just to bump it. ]:)

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Splitting hairs

by JamesRL In reply to agitating elections Canad ...


As someone who has scrutineered and been a returning officer, I can assure you that they are counted. Every ballot is counted - the ones that are cast, the ones that are blank, the ones that are spoiled - the numbers have to add up to the number of ballots issued.

The question is - is that number published? Currently today it is not. Anyone in a poll would know but only a small number would know the results on a riding basis.

I'm not sure I agree with Rampant corruption but we could be plitting hairs again. I do not believe the vast majority of people working for the government, or that the vast majority of politicians are corrupt. I do believe there are bad apples in every sector of life - people in business, in government, in non-profits, in churchs -no one group is immune to human frailties.

I don't think I'd ever use it, but I would agree in principle with a way to distinguish a protest vote from a blank ballot from a spoiled ballot.

Of course there are other parties - the rhinocerous party for example was clearly a protest vote as well, perhaps you might do better joining it.


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None of the above is a great idea

by RFink In reply to agitating elections Canad ...

I can see it now.

None of the above gets 400 electoral votes,
Obama 69, McCain 69.

What would Congress do?

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exactly my point

by Jaqui In reply to None of the above is a gr ...

for the Canadian Election in a bit over 3 weeks.

The none of the above is a clear message to all the politicians that they have lost public trust in x% of voters.

they have no reason to change anything without the message being that clear.

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No need

by highlander718 In reply to exactly my point

I do not agree with the "no confidence" option, it just leaves things in limbo.

No matter who you like, there will always be others that will not like your option. I think it's also clear that we do not choose the best party but the one that is less bad :-). I don't see much civil attitude in saying "I don't like anybody" without being able to make things better or to propose concrete ways to improve things.

Maybe presence to vote percentage is a better warning sign for the politicians

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