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AGP 8X video cards

By jordanspcrepair ·
will a 64MB video card be supported on windows vista's aero glass interface? and the motherboard i am about to buy is a ASUS K8V-X SE tells in the manual that you can download that the AGP slot is a 8X/4X (1.5V) will any 8X AGP video card work in it??? because the AGP cards i have looked at doesn't say 1.5V. windows vista website says the GPU on the video card must support 64MB of graphics memory and etc. does that mean that vista will support a 64MB graphics card? how long will AGP slots and video cards be around? and it ATX better than mATX??

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by fungus-among-us In reply to AGP 8X video cards

64MB seems to be the common "minimum" requirement for Aero I've seen posted around the web. And that 64MB should be dedicated video RAM, not "shared" like some integrated viedo devices. Yes, any 8x AGP card will work in that motherboard. Pretty much all AGP slots these days (ones that are still around), are 1.5v/0.8v. Gone are the 1x/2x AGP slots that ran at 3.3v. Also make note that all the different flavors of AGP (1.5, 3.3 and AGP Pro) have their slots "keyed" differently. So if your videocard does NOT fit into the AGP slot, you have the wrong type of AGP card*. *AGP cards WILL fit in an AGP Pro slot, but not the other way around.

AGP is considered an obsolete technology, now that PCI Express has arrived. I think there has only been one or two NEW AGP videocards (cards with different Graphics Processors) brought to the market since PCI took over. Having a buddy tell me that he went out and got a NEW AGP videocard would raise the same level of excitement as if he said, "I bought a new 20GB ATA66 Hard drive!"... yawn.

Is ATX better than mATX... that's a matter of personal taste. Obviously, if you were builing a HTPC, mATX would be the better choice, but you tend to sacrifice some features or traits when you move to "space saving" equipment. Is the Mercedes S600 better than a C06 Corvette? How about a Cooper Mini? Different choices for people with different tastes.

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by jordanspcrepair In reply to

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by JamesRL In reply to AGP 8X video cards

Think less about HW and more about drivers.

If you are using a Radeon card, go to ATI and read about Vista support. If you are using an nVidia card.....

For the most part AGP is AGP. There are some scenarios where the AGP 1x Cards don't work in a 4x or 8x MB. AFAIK AGP voltage is the same in every board.

Take Microsoft's minimum recommendations with a huge bolder of salt. I would suggest 256MB if you can with a mid level GPU and I have someone testing Vista right now. 128 would be the least. But if money is a concern, I'd get pick a 256 card with a faster GPU over a slowerr GPU with 512. I have experience benchmarking this scenario.

AGP is being overtaken by PCI express, which has a bus that is 2x faster. I wouldn't replace a perfectly good MB just to get PCI express, but if I were you, looking to build a Vista PC, I would go straight to PCI Express.

ATX versus mATX - the m stands for micro - its a smaller board with fewer slots fits in smaller cases - generally will fit standard cases as well. Personal preference is to buy standard ATX.


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by jordanspcrepair In reply to

Thank you for the information. sorry it took so long to rate your answer, but you did just save me a big headache. I am going right to the PCI express, because it wouldn't be very smart to spend good money on something almost extinct.

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by leo.juzbasic In reply to AGP 8X video cards

Your AGP video card will work under Windows Vista, don't worry about voltage. AGP ports are already a past technology, but this type of VGA card will fit your requirements. AGP will be around....well, who knows - maybe a year or two ? Can't tell exactly...
The difference between ATX and mATX format is just in size, so mATX format is just a matter of size. For example, if you have very small case (like barebone), mATX motherboard fill fit much easier...

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by jordanspcrepair In reply to

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by jordanspcrepair In reply to AGP 8X video cards

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