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AGP aperture size

By ppak ·
My motherboard chipset is VIA VT82C694X Apollo Pro133A.
DRAM Slot is 128MB(PC133 SDRAM)
The AGP Aperture is 64MB.
I was told that this may cause poor performance.
What does this mean and how can I fix it ?

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by TheChas In reply to AGP aperture size

You normally balance the AGP aperture size between game and application performance.

The AGP aperture sets the maximum amount of system RAM that the graphics driver can use to buffer data to the video card.

Theoretically, the larger the aperture size, the faster graphics can "move".

The "rule-of-thumb" for AGP aperture size is:
At least 2 times the RAM on the video card.
But, NOT more than 1/2 of installed RAM.

The minimum AGP aperture size is the same size as the RAM on the video card.
Any less can cause video lockups.

If you desire to improve performance, you first need more system RAM.

For Windows 98 / Me, I recommend between 196MB and 384MB of RAM. NEVER more than 511MB as that can trigger a bug in the core W9X code.

For Windows 2000 and XP, install as much RAM as you can afford.


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