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AGP Graphics Card and Motherboard issues

By james.allen ·
I am building a PC for the in house design team and have the following components.

P4E 3.0 1MB S478 800FSB
AOPEN S478 SiS655FX ATX A L Motherboard
GF FX5600 256MB DDR AGP RP Graphics card
2x512MB 184DIMM PC3200 NP CL3 RAM

The computer has been built, everything fires up i.e. Processor fan kicks in, HD ticks over and there are no beeps being emitted.
The problem is that the monitor does not come on.
Several different monitors have been tried, the RAM has been changed, the processor has been changed, the CMOS has been cleared with Jumpers and by removing the battery. The system has been set up outside of the Casing to check for shorting. A PCI graphics card has been put in instead of the AGP and still we have the same result...nothing. This is the second make of motherboard we have tried, the first had the same result. The AGP has been tested by the manufaturer and they say it works fine and have managed to run Apps through it.

So what is wrong? Am I just getting a run of bad motherboards or is the AGP burning them out?

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by CG IT In reply to AGP Graphics Card and Mot ...

first thing, does the motherboard come with onboard video? if so, disable the onboard video in the BIOS and try that.

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by james.allen In reply to AGP Graphics Card and Mot ...

No none of the motherboards have had on board video.

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by TheChas In reply to AGP Graphics Card and Mot ...

Do you just have no video?

Or, does the motherboard not POST?

How about the auxiliary power connector?
For most P4 systems, you need to connect the auxiliary power connector for the motherboard to boot.

Do you have case fans plugged into the motherboard?
I have had fans that generate electrical noise cause strange problems.
Have you tried a different CPU fan?

You might even try swapping a different power supply, or at least verifying that all of the proper voltages are present on the existing power supply.


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by james.allen In reply to

Tried all of the above..... before posting the question.

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by wcp In reply to AGP Graphics Card and Mot ...

I do not believe the motherboard supports the CPU, which is Prescott with 1MB L2 cache.

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by wcp In reply to

You need to either upgrade the motherboard or downgrade the CPU (to a P4 3GHz/512KB/800FSB).

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