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AGP MX400 Trouble

By bhagwat.pillai ·
I have a AGP card model MX400 64MB few days back it was working fine now suddenly it has got a problem i
can see some ANSII codes when the machine boots. First this problem was not there i have tested my AGP card on my friends machine there also the same problem. Do i need to get it repaired. bcoz the card
has gone out of its warranty period or can i personally solve the problem.
AMD XP 1800+,MSI Mainboard,256 RAM DDR, 60GB HDD

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by dmiles In reply to AGP MX400 Trouble

You have tested the card to find that it is not an isolated problem,so at this juncture I would not suggest repair but replace,you can get that one or another equally good card for a good price.
You could use the onboard video until you make a decision on a new card.

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by ghimpe-- In reply to AGP MX400 Trouble

I'm not familiar with this particular card, but is it overheating?? If yes, please do this:
If it has a FAN, clean it well.
If you can detach the heatsink, clean the old thermal compound and apply new thermal paste.

Another think to look for are bulged electrolitic caps. Look very well to see if there heads are flat and there is no brownish liquid leaking.

If none of the above applys to you, i sugest you get another board. The one you have probably can't be repaired and if it could be it will cost you much more than a brand new one.

GooD LucK

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by willcomp In reply to AGP MX400 Trouble

If you get errors with a cold card (which apparently is the case), it's not an overheating issue.

I'm with dMiles. Card has a problem and needs to be replaced. A new card with better performance can be had for about $40.00 US.


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by willcomp In reply to

If your PC is like mine are, there is no on-board video adapter. I use full size ATX motherboards with AGP 8X slots and no on-board video.

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by shuja52 In reply to AGP MX400 Trouble

best bet is to purchase a new AGP card, upgrade it too..

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to AGP MX400 Trouble

Just another thought if the Video Card has a Fan on the GPU check that it has not burned out and stopped turning.

This seems to be a common problem on these cards for some reason. If the fan has died you can get a part way solution by replacing it if you can find one available but most likely you will be better off replacing the Video Card.


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by wlbowers In reply to AGP MX400 Trouble

If the card is doing the same thing on two different computers it is Time For An Overhaul.

You can get a new GeForce 4 for $25 on pricewatch.com

Replace it and Carry On Dude.


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