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A.G.P. or P.C.I. for Asus KL97-XV

By npowierski ·
Am looking at purchaseing a new graphics card for my old computer, I was wondering which of the above is most suitable as my machine is 5yr. old,
however if at all possible I would like to get a A.G.P. AS I amconsidering upgrading in the next couple of yrs. & would like to use the card I purchase if at all possible. My machine is a H.P. 8210 P2 w/- said motherboard & a A.T.I. Graphics Pro Turbo [atim64=vt]. which I wish to replace.
Thanks Heaps

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by TheChas In reply to A.G.P. or P.C.I. for Asu ...

Since the HP8210 does NOT have an AGP port, your only option is a PCI card.

Even if you had an AGP port, you might want / need to use a PCI card.

The latest motherboards cannot operate video cards that are compatible with the older AGP ports.
If you were to buy an 8X AGP card, it likely would NOT work in an older 1X or 2X AGP slot.
Likewise, many 1X, 2X, and 4X AGP cards will not work in some motherboards with 8X AGP slots.


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by npowierski In reply to

Hi thanks heaps for the advice one further question is what brand & possibly model of same is avaible in this type as it seems at this age it appears to get the correct slot type to fit? Thanks again for your sacrisificial help!
Regards Norn!

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by npowierski In reply to A.G.P. or P.C.I. for Asu ...

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by npowierski In reply to A.G.P. or P.C.I. for Asu ...

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