AGP Upgrade Problem.

By SamWiseTheBrave ·
Ive got a 7950GT agp card to replace an aging 6700. When I first fitted the card the xp boot logo would flash up for a second and the screen goes blank, the activity leds on my ram chips go out leaving a couple of rows at the bottom still lit and it just sits there. Same with safe mode.
The motherboard is an Abit AI7 (latest BIOS) which has a two digit led P.O.S.T display that usually continues to flick through codes even after the os boots but now stops at "48". The abit manual has nothing on code 48 but the pheonix BIOS v4.0 (r6.00) manual says "Check video configuration against CMOS"?.
I tried backtrack 3 and a vista disc and they boot up fine. I ran system repair from the xp disk (not ASR or recovery console), it copies all the files across and reboots but doesn't carry on with the repair (just black screen again) untill I put the old card back in and it picks up where it left off.
At this point I am properly stumped. Been googling for days now and not really come up with much. Tested 12v and 5v rails they are good.


Abit Ai-7
P4 3.0GHz
2GB Corsair 3200C2PRO
Galaxy 7950GT (new)
ASUS n6800 (old)
Enermax FMA II 535w
Win XP sp2

Thanks in advance,

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Well as Chip Set Incompatibilities

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to AGP Upgrade Problem.

Are not common with Intel Chip Set M'Boards, I would be looking at the Power Connectors. So does this Video Card have a Plug in Power Socket? Looks like one used with a Floppy Drive generally and the Video Card draws it's 12 V DC straight from the Power Supply.

If it has one you need to plug in the Power Plug to supply enough power to run the Video Card.

If that isn't the problem maybe a In Place Install of XP may be required so follow the Directions listed under Method 2 here

Just to see if the problem relates to a Driver Incompatibility between the 2 Video Cards refit the Old one and open the Device Manager and remove the Drivers for the Old Video Card. Shut Down the system remove the old Video Card fit the new one and restart. If it works now there was a Driver Issue occurring so it's worth a try but I don't think that it will make any difference here.


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hard one

by .Martin. In reply to AGP Upgrade Problem.

after a bit of research, a lot of people have problems when upgrading from an 6800 to a 7950GT...

PSU should be enough...

Card is secure in AGP slot
power cables plugged in securely

if not take the card back, most likely the card is faulty.

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Thank you for your sharp responses.

by SamWiseTheBrave In reply to hard one

The first thing I did was remove nVidia drivers/soft and uninstalled riva tuner to avoid this sort of problem. Then I tried the in-place install, and it worked ONCE by accident on another (emergency) install of xp thats on a different drive! Not sure how this happened because usually in the boot menu my primary OS is top of the list and the emergency one is underneath, so I assumed the same would be true when it comes to selecting which install to repair?? Obviously not! I then unplugged EVERYTHING from the system just leaving 1 out of 4 HDDs and the GPU (probly should have done that in the beginning!). Now it just hangs until I swap the cards and it finishes the repair.
The plug in power is all good too, reads +5.13vDC and +11.97vDC no dips or spikes just stable power. Ive also downloaded ForceWare 169.13 installed them with the old card then swapped 'em but still the same beef with the new one. Should I try some others?
Im pretty sure the card is okay as it runs live CD's perfectly.
It has to be down to Windfroze or a BIOS setting (the code 48 that shows up on the boards P.O.S.T display). Ive tried clearing CMOS, optimized defaults, failsafe defaults, and my own configs, to no avail. I must be missing something!?!

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