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AGP Video Card problem.

By freddyL ·
I have a question. I just purchased a ATI radeon 9550 AGP video card. The problem is when I try to play GTA or Halo, the video is terrible. I mean by that: missing graphics on the screen (i.e. there should be people or cars and nothing is on the screen, dragging of graphics across the screen, freezing of screen.
I have a Pentium III 833mhz. Win 2K as operating system. 392mb ram and 80gig harddrive.

Any suggestions?

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Better response in Technical Q&A

by JamesRL In reply to AGP Video Card problem.

But I will take a stab at it.

Whenever you replace your card you should look at updating your DirectX drivers. I had the same experience on Xmas day with my new card and a new game.

You might also go to the website to get the latest ATI drivers as well - they get patched all the time.

Last resort is to get patches for the games itself.


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by freddyL In reply to Better response in Techni ...

Doesn't the software that comes with the video card update the DirectX drivers? Otherwise, How do i do that?>

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by JamesRL In reply to

Never trust that what you get with the card is up to date, whether that is the drivers or the version of Direct X.

Get the latest Direct X from Microsoft. If you still have problems - check to see if ATI has a FAQ on their website.

Some of the game wesbites would also have forums for discussion about these issues, chances are if you have had a problem, someone else has had the same one.


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As James said

by Oz_Media In reply to AGP Video Card problem.

First you'll need the latest DirectX from Microsoft's download pages.

ATI has a Catalyst suite for your card that you should also install.

This needs to be installed with or ontop of any provided graphics drivers that came with the card.

Also, as James suggests, you will get better resultsif you post in the Techical Q&A forum instead of Discussions.

But try the above mentioned Catalyst suite first.

Another thing to make note of: You will need to disable any onboard graphics chipset present before you added the card.

Tech Q&A can be found here:

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