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Ah the Irony!!! To my Canadian friends.

By Garion11 ·
CANADA: Liberals headed for minority government! Conservatives Wipe Out Liberal Majority!

Liberals headed for minority government


Canada heads to the polls
Party leaders holding breath
Voting day

(CP) - Paul Martin's Liberals were headed for a minority government in Monday night's federal election, buoyed by a surprisingly strong showing in Ontario and Atlantic Canada.

The Grits jumped to a big lead in seat-rich Central Canada after scoring a political knockout in the Atlantic provinces, handily beating back a challenge from the Conservatives while ducking punishment for the sponsorship scandal. A minority would be a bittersweet result for Martin.

It's a **** for a man who, just a few months ago, he had been expected to coast easily into office and whose website once boldly predicted a huge majority with over 200 of the 308 Commons seats.

But it's also likely a huge relief given that polls during the election campaign had suggested the Conservatives were on course to win a minority.

A new Liberal government will have to be far tamer animal than the mighty Jean Chretien majorities of the last 11 years. The fragile entity will have to rely on the support of the Bloc Quebecois or the NDP to survive, meaning every piece of legislation may have to be negotiated.

The Liberals were leading in about 130 ridings, including 100 seats in Ontario and Quebec after taking 22 of the 32 Atlantic ridings.

The Conservatives, a merger of the Canadian Alliance and the Progressive Conservatives, were leading in about 80 ridings. The party had a disappointing showing in the Atlantic region, taking just seven seats compared with eight in 2000.

The NDP were leading in more than a dozen seats in Ontario after taking three ridings in the Atlantic provinces.

The Bloc was on track to take about 50 seats in their home province.

The Conservatives' failure to capitalize on the Liberal sponsorship troubles in the Atlantic region may have been compromised by long Maritime memories.

In May 2002, Harper infuriated Atlantic Canadians when he blamed the region's "culture of defeat" for the Alliance party's inability to elect any members from the region.

In another slap to the Tories, Scott Brison, who abandoned the Conservatives to join the Liberals, easily won his Nova Scotia riding.

Brison, aware that many voters in B.C. had not yet gone to the polls, gave an early victory speech warning Canadians that Harper would run roughshod over minority rights and impose socially conservative mores on the country

Conservative Deputy Leader Peter MacKay, who won his Nova Scotia riding, said Liberal attack ads demonizing the Tories apparently took their toll.

Opinion polls had suggested neither party is headed for a majority in the 308-seat House of Commons, meaning the next government is likely to be decided by the party that can secure the backing of the separatist Bloc Quebecois, or possibly the NDP.

As the incumbent government, the Liberals would have the first crack at forming a government. If they failed, it would be up to the Governor General to invite the Conservatives to give it a try - or call a new election.

The party that does form a government will have to be a far tamer animal than the mighty Liberal and Tory majorities of the last 24 years.

The fragile entity would have to rely on the support of an opposition party to survive, meaning every piece of legislation may have to be negotiated.

Joe Clark's minority Tory government in 1979 lasted just six months before he was forced to call an election, but Lester Pearson managed to hold together two minority governments over five years in the 1960s.

Martin appeared headed for an easy majority just a few months ago before he was stung by the sponsorship scandal and hobbled by an unpopular provincial budget brought down by his Liberal cousins in Ontario.

The election campaign was more about whom not to vote for rather than whom to vote for.

The Liberals hammered relentlessly at Harper as a right-wing bogeyman. The attack was unwittingly fueled by several Conservative candidates who made controversial comments about gay marriage, abortion rights, bilingualism and overruling the courts on social issues.

Harper pounded back with equal vigour about Liberal waste and mismanagement, reminding voters daily about the sponsorship scandal and the gun registry.

It was part of a carefully orchestrated attack designed to inflict maximum damage on a government already limping from the sponsorship ****.

To my Quebec friends, here is one American who will not rest in his heart or mind till you have suceeded from Canada and have become an independent state, and thus a true Quebecois!

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Just an observation... from a Canadian friend

by sauceco In reply to Ah the Irony!!! To my Can ...

What you are losing sleep over would be akin to the wonderfully rich and hearty acadian culture asking George W. to hand back the original Louisiana territory for cultural reasons. Just imagine autonomy in a large portion of the southern U.S.

Please don't get me wrong here...I fully support the protection, freedom and evolution of the Francophone culture IN Canada. Be it in Quebec, Manitoba, ect.

If Quebec were to separate do you believe for one second that the world would learn to speak french-canadian in order to do business with Quebec??? I think not.

Quebec would be further deluged with more need to be de-cultured in order to economicaly survive. Quebec's best hope for survival is to stay in Canada.

Up here we take care of our own. And Quebec is a vital part of this countries sociological landscape. My Canada includes Quebec. And my Quebec includes Canada.

It just wouldn't be right any other way.

B.T.W....what does this have to do with I.T.?

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LOL it has NOTHING to do with IT.

by Garion11 In reply to Just an observation... fr ...

But people here post political, historical discussions. In fact some of the rough and rowdy discussions on this board involve non IT posts.

As far as my comment on Canada or what not, I really don't care, lol. It would be interesting though if Quebec were to secede. I am not sure that has ever happened in a democracy?? Civil war era but that sucession was not on a vote aka democractic process. If anyone knows of an example please post here.

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Since it has nothing to do with IT....

by mlayton In reply to LOL it has NOTHING to do ...

...perhaps you can post further discussions under the appropriate "miscellaneous" section, rather than the Network Administrator section. Just a thought.

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Friendly Nonviolent secession

by maxwell edison In reply to LOL it has NOTHING to do ...

Norway from Denmark in the early 20th century.

That's the only example I can think of (that I know of).

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Um Sweden

by JamesRL In reply to Friendly Nonviolent seces ...

wasn't it?

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It was???

by maxwell edison In reply to Um Sweden

I was just going on memory, but I thought it was Norway. At least I was in the right area - Scandinavia.

Are you sure it was Sweden? (Okay, Im going to look it up.)

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Well I read the book 20 years ago

by JamesRL In reply to It was???

but yeah it was Sweden.

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The book was

by JamesRL In reply to Well I read the book 20 y ...

The Question of Separation by Jane Jacobs.

She is an american who moved to Canada. One of her main fields of study is the economies of cities, and the book deals alot with the rise and fall of Montreal(economic hub of Quebec) and the subsequent rise of Toronto (economic hub of Canada).

She spent a few chapters on how Norway peacefully left and what would happen if Quebec left.


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Thanks for the clarification, James

by maxwell edison In reply to Well I read the book 20 y ...

After you posted your initial message, I did a little (emphasis on little - very little) reading about the connection between Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Denmark-Norway, Sweden-Norway, and whatever else there may have been.

I didn't do a lot of research, but starting in the early 19th century, Denmark had to cede Norway to Sweden (after a war, of course). And then, in the early 20th century, 1905 to be exact, Sweden and Norway parted ways - no war, but peacefully.

Thanks, James, for helping clear it all up. It was interesting to read about.

I would LOVE to see a serious movement in America to peacefully split it into two. I suppose what I would really like to see is ONLY the threat of the movement, never really coming to fruition, but rather be the impetus for change - radical change. "Liberal-Socialist" America (primarily Democrats), the ones who believe in collectivism and government forced transfer of income, the ones who believe in government solutions to individuals' problems, the ones who vote themselves gifts from the public coffers, the one's who created and want to maintain entire dependent classes of people, I'd like to see them make it on their own without the ones from whom they STEAL personal property. Sure, some of the people from whom the government STEALS personal property actually want them to do it. There is a very liberal elitist class of people in America who want to keep the down-trodden down, and keep a dependent class of people dependent. (Yes, I really believe that.)

Let the individualists have their own America (like we did have at one time), and let the collectivists have theirs. Gee, I wonder which one would flourish, and which one would be destined to end up in the trash-heap of failed attempts at "enlightenment"?

The Democrats were the party of slavery in the 19th century, and the Democrats are now the party of indentured servitude - indirectly, of course, but servitude nonetheless. Democrats - the party of bondage. Republicans - the party of unlimited opportunity.

The United Republican States of America on one side, and the Peoples' Republic of America on the other. Interesting to think about, at least.

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The flip-flops of time

by Cactus Pete In reply to Well I read the book 20 y ...

You know, Max, most people consider the Republican party of the Lincoln days to be the modern day Democratic party. So I don't know that I'd go announcing that bit of your above post too loud...

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