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    AHCI to RAID and Back

    by mervynjackson ·

    I’m new to VMware and need some help. I am running VMware Ent V17. I have a VM image (Windows 11 Pro 22H2 x64) which was built in AHCI mode and is fine. Every machine with AHCI mode works fine with that image. Only when we try to use that image with a RAID based mode system, it gives an inaccessible_boot_device BSOD message. Symantec/Broadcom/Intel/Microsoft and VMware say once the Intel RST drivers are installed on that VM image (can be installed while running in AHCI mode) the drivers for RAID will automatically be picked up by windows on first boot when windows see a RAID mode. But no one knows how it’s to be done..

    Need this because new devices (Dell, Lenovo, HP and many more) have HDD mode as RAID (with a single HDD installed) and no option to change it to Legacy or AHCI which is a pain in the a… for example this (1W798AV) HP model has nothing in BIOS to change the HDD mode.

    Can anyone help me or point me in the right direction please.

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      Reply To: AHCI to RAID and Back

      by Ravi Kiran ·

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      It sounds like you’re running into an issue with the Windows 11 Pro VM image not being able to boot on systems that are configured with RAID. This is likely due to the fact that the image was created in AHCI mode and is missing the necessary RAID drivers.

      One solution to this problem would be to install the RAID drivers on the Windows 11 Pro VM image while it’s running in AHCI mode. This can typically be done by doing the following steps:

      Boot the Windows 11 Pro VM image in AHCI mode.

      Install the RAID drivers for the specific RAID controller being used on the host system. These drivers can typically be found on the vendor’s website or on the system’s driver and software page.

      Once the RAID drivers are installed, shut down the VM image and take a backup of it in case of any issue.

      Now, boot the Windows 11 Pro VM image on the RAID-configured host system and it should automatically detect and use the RAID drivers that were previously installed.

      It’s worth mentioning that this process is not guaranteed to work for every system and it’s also important to check the compatibility of the drivers with the specific version of windows and the RAID controller.

      Alternatively, you can try to use the VMware tools to clone the VM image and then convert it to the RAID mode on the new image, but this process is not always guaranteed to work and can lead to some compatibility issues.

      It’s also important to note that some manufacturers like Dell, Lenovo and HP have their own tools to convert the AHCI to

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