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Air conditioning disaster

By deanna ·
Hello. Our Air Conditioning in our
main data center is periodically allowing
temperatures to go to high. Facilities
is looking into this but does anyone
have any ideas of some sort of equipment
or something that could keep the room at
the appropriate temperatures if our Air
conditioning goes bad? I came across chiller
units but dont know much about them. Any

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AC Alternatives:

by mburd In reply to Air conditioning disaster

Trane and other companies make individual units for smaller spaces that mount right to the wall and go immediately outside. Each unit is about 4-6 feet long and 2-2.5 feet wide. The outside condensors mount to the ground or roof as any residential condensors. Nice and economical units. Call companies for details.

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Fans, fans, and fans

by GuruOfDos In reply to Air conditioning disaster

**** air's better than nothing! Preferably one source of fresh moving air, and an exit path for the old warm air. If you have one door in and no windows, **** in at the bottom and suck out at the top!

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cooling system

by omie In reply to Air conditioning disaster

Please bear in mind that it is not only the temperature that greatly affect your systems in the data center. You must realize also that the Humidity greatly affect your systems. For an alternate unit you could buy those portable units but you need to have somebody compute first the TONS of Refrigeration (TOR) that you need so that you could make a wise decision. You may be below the high limit temperature by fan ventilation but as soon as your AC unit will be restored you may reach the dew point and you will have undesirable fog in the box. Dew point is directly proportional to the dry bulb and wet buld temp.

The best way is to have a permanent back up unit in place...

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