Aircard will not connect to Mapped Network Drive, but 802.11 will

By bobbo127 ·
When our operations manager is out on the road connecting with his at&t aircard, he cannot access the server (mapped network drive). When he takes the aircard out, and connects to the internet via 802.11g, he can access the server with no issues. Any suggestions?

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Need to utilize a VPN

by mschenkel In reply to Aircard will not connect ...

When connecting using the 802, you are connecting to the LAN. When using the AT&T card you are using their network. There are two courses of action you can take here:

1) utilize a VPN solution such as Windows VPN, Cisco or Sonic Wall. This will allow you to connect your computer on to the LAN going through a wireless carrier such as AT&T.

2) use Remote Desktop or some other remote control software (gotomypc, VNC). I know with Remote Desktop you can access your own c drive as follows: \\tsclient\c\

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These are different Technologies

by OH Smeg In reply to Aircard will not connect ...

That utilize different ways of connecting to your Internal LAN.

The 802.11g connects directly to your LAN through a WiFi Connection where as the Aircard utilizes the Ceil Phone Network to do a similar thing but in that case it only connects to the ISP who issued the Aircard.

As the above posted has already said you need to setup a VPN for the external Connection to the Network Share which is what the Aircard is. :)


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