airport express 802.11b doesn't connect to Linksys E3000

By mark.ivanowski ·
airport express 802.11b doesn't connect to Linksys E3000

Linksys support could not help with the issue = they just say the device does not support Linksys Security setting (WPA)
It was working properly with the Linksys WTR 310N v2 before and it was using WPA as well.
Even connecting the Airport Express with and wired eterneth to the router.... still does not working.

Any help?

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Request for Clarification

by dupphil In reply to Clarifications

Hi, I have exactly the same problem.
Do you have found a solution ?
Best regards,

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Well, you can't just connect it.

by seanferd In reply to airport express 802.11b d ...

You'll probably have to do some configuration on both, like setting bridged mode, etc., depending on how you want them to work together.

But it may be that this Airport router simply won't work with an E3000, regardless as to what other Linksys router it has worked with previously.

802.11b is not an Airport model number. It is the wireless communications standard version. So if going wireless, the Linksys would also have to be set to use 802.11b if available. Otherwise, no go. Also, this leaves us in the dark as to what model and firmware revision your Airport is, for anyone who might want to look at the documentation for you.

Same goes for the E3000 - what firmware revision?

edit: Have you considered using the two Linksys routers, forgoing the Airport? Apple routers are an annoying PITA for a number of reasons, in my experience.

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Dual-Band is Confusing

by morris.levy In reply to airport express 802.11b d ...

I got it! Disable 5 GHz, turn on 2.4 GHz signal band. Look at Figure 2 on this link for help.

"Other 5 GHz radio modes are A-only, N-only and disabled, while the G radio modes are B/G only, B only, G only, N only and disabled. Figure 2 shows the Advanced wireless settings, which include Transmission rate and power control."

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