Airport Extreme Base Station Problem

By Dian_Rambo825 ·
Good morning to all! I am a newbie in here. I just want t ask some experts in here some advice and help on fxing my problem. I am on a business now. It is an internet cafe. My friend adviced me to buy this so called Airport Extreme Base Station for networking my thernet. Now I have checked myEthernet cables and all the wire sthat coud have been checked but the Airport Extreme Base Station doesn't work at all. Is there any thing that I can do to fix this? Or is it just that Airport Extreme Base Station is a non-recommended stuff at all? Please I need your help!


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What exactly do you mean Not Working?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Airport Extreme Base Stat ...

Ideally you need to setup these things by plugging in with a Ethernet Cable and run the Apple Setup Wizard/Procedure from a computer connected by Ethernet Cable.

So plug in your Modem then run a Ethernet Cable to the Base Station and then plug in a computer with a Ethernet Cable to setup the Base Station.

If you want to know how to use this unit as a Modem you need to enter your ISP???s Details in the Setup Procedure and you???ll need to look at your ISP???s Web Site for the correct settings that they use or failing that ring them for the required settings.

The directions on how to setup this unit can be found here on Apples Web Site.

After the Base Station is setup you can use it as both Radio and Wired Base Station to do as you require.

If that's not what you are asking what is your issue?


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Airport Extreme Base Station Troubleshooting

by DavidMorris888 In reply to Airport Extreme Base Stat ...

Oh I got this problem as well before that makes me go like giving up since I am not yet aware that there forums and sites like this wherein you can ask for assistance, guidelines and help. As what you have said you checked it all like the Ethernet wires, and everything, I assume that you already checked your computers that they are all set and enabled for Wireless access. Well, as I solved mine, I just reset my Airport base and it worked.

Anyway for a help, here's the site to guide you for more info:

Good luck!

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Setting up an Airport

by Alpha_Dog In reply to Airport Extreme Base Stat ...

The initial configuration and firmware upload requires either the use of a Mac or special software under Windows.

Given the nature of what you are doing, I would advise the purchase of a simple Linksys or Cisco AP. If you need more power (large area or combined indoor and out with a reinforced building) check out Ubiquity (, Ruckus Wireless (, or EnGenius ( I personally use the Ubiquity NanoStation 2HP for my office.

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Airport Utility

by hotpurple In reply to Airport Extreme Base Stat ...

You need to install the airport utility onto your computer from the disc that comes with the base station. After that it has a really easy wizard interface for setting it up.

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