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AirTran WiFi...neat concept but overpriced.

By robo_dev ·
Having been around since testing the first Motorola WLAN products back in 1992, I was thrilled to settle into the seat of a recent AirTran flight and connect my netbook the Internet at 30,000 feet at 500 mph.

So I connected, waited for the portal login screen to load, and what the???

For my one hour flight the service would cost me $12.95....yikes!

Most airport WiFi services cost around $8 a day, and even some hotels charge you $9.95 for 24 hours. But $12.95 for a short flight is a bit steep. Plus that's per-seat, so the spouse would need to shell out another $13 in the seat next to you.

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Plus, I bet its barely useable

by Slayer_ In reply to AirTran WiFi...neat conce ...

I'd expect it is either using satellite or cell phone towers. both have poor bandwidth, couple that with bandwidth bottleneck of wireless, and the bottleneck of having several people using it. I doubt the net would even be usable. Maybe you could load a page every 5 minutes?

Of course, having never used it, I don't know for sure.

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Actually, the GoGo wireless works pretty well

by robo_dev In reply to AirTran WiFi...neat conce ...

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