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I have a question with regards to AIX 5.3 & TCB. I have a client that is requesting TCB to be installed in AIX. However it seems that the perception of TCB is that it causes major headaches when it comes to configuring the system in real world environments, such as large scale Oracle database's with multiple legacy clients using various interfaces. I have surfed to the end of the web and back, as well as exhausting all other avenues to find info about TCB. I understand how it works and to install, etc. However I can not find any views or reviews on expected performance overhead, or even comments on whether it is a good tool or not worth all the effort.
Does anybody have personal experience working with TCB in AIX or know of a secret cave out there on the web with info that I have missed?

System to be configured:
migrating P5-570 AIX 5.3 Oracle 9I to P6-595 (I am aware that I will have to re-install or do a preservation install to enable TCB)
AIX NIM client
All LPAR's AIX 5.3 (app limitation, no AIX 6.1)
Boot from internal SCSI(customer request, YES I know that is already an issue with TCB being part of rootvg and will effect I/O performance)
All other VG's SAN

I am looking specifically for info with regards to CPU & MEM overhead. I know I have not provided much info into this forum, but I would appreciate any feedback.


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