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AJAX is NOT an invented technology, just a set of Javascripts

By Dethpod ·
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Wait what?

by Dethpod In reply to AJAX is NOT an invented t ...

AJAX is ubiquitous.

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You HAVE to be kidding me

by Dethpod In reply to AJAX is NOT an invented t ...

>> Ajax is so great it's hardly used and not all that well known about,

Hardly used? You have no idea what you are talking about. NONE! At all. ZERO

Ajax is one of the most important technologies since the hyper link. Web 2.0 hinges on it. It dominates the web development landscape. Every time someone likes or posts something on facebook they use AJAX.

You will argue anything. You are more interested in being right than than learning or understanding something.

To argue that "Ajax is so great it's hardly used and not all that well known about," is absolutely asinine. Every web designer or developer knows about AJAX. if they don't they should be fired for gross incompetence

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it isn't a technology and it's so great and widely used that I only found

by Deadly Ernest In reply to You HAVE to be kidding me

out today it's blocked on my system as I finally hit a site that uses it. And when I checked the blocking rules the one being activated was to block Ajax. All these months and only now do I get a site that uses it.

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Now it isn't a technology?

by Dethpod In reply to it isn't a technology and ...

Then what the funk is it? Wait... Let me get some popcorn so I can watch the mental gymnastics as you weasel out of THAT idiotic statement.

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It isnt a technology, just a technique, sonething totally different, so

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Now it isn't a technology ...

different they have different names for what they are.

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Let me summerize

by Duke E Love In reply to It isnt a technology, jus ...

You said :
the people at Microsoft have absolutely NO INNOVATION capability or original thoughts, never have, never will.

I said yes they have. They created AJAX, One of the most important innovations in the history of the internet, on par with the hyper link.

Which btw has reshaped how websites are made and the web itself by allowing developers to talk to the web server without a page refresh. Thus helping developers create desktop like interfaces for websites.

You argued and denied the point sighting various irrelevant, nit picky and face palm worthy points. i,e, "Techniques are not the same thing as a technology.", "If AJAX is so important why am I just learning about it?" etc.

I grew frustrated with your nit picking, semantics, and apparent unwillingness to even listen to opposing arguments, even when supported by fact, until I finally called you an idiot. Which is a natural reaction to that sort of behavior.

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AJAX is NOT an innovation, or anything new, that capability has been

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Let me summerize

there in the Java and other coding coding.All AJAX offered was a set of preformed javascripts to make it easier for someone to use them without writing the code from scratch. Claiming it is an innovative new technology is liking claiming a bunch of related Excel Macros are an innovative technology.

As wikipedia tells us, copied from more reliable sources

Ajax (an acronym for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is a group of interrelated web development techniques used on the client-side to create asynchronous web applications.

NOTE - it says right there techniques, not technology. Which you have trouble seeing the difference between. A technology change in tennis is the new composite material for making tennis racquets, while a technique is a different style of hitting the ball with your backhand; maybe that will help you understand the two.

AJAX does NOT provide a NEW ability to communicate with the servers, that has been there with a lot of the available scripting programs for some time, what it does do is allow you to create a page so that interaction can be done without letting the person using the page know it's happening - thus AJAX is loved by spyware and malware people.

Anyway, this technique may well be on the way out as it's not fully compatible with HTML 5 in the way it's currently used.

Also AJAX is NOT as pervasive as you think it is either. It's NOT that common once you get away from the people trying to flood web pages with ads.

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Are you really that clueless?

by cokgoblin In reply to AJAX is NOT an innovation ...

That has to be *the* most idiotic things I have ever heard in my life. You have no idea what you are talking about and yet you argue like a true believer.

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No, he's not clueless

by NickNielsen In reply to AJAX is NOT an innovation ...

He is correct about the difference between techniques & technology.

Do you have data to contradict the rest of what he has posted? Post links.

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Also AJAX is NOT as pervasive as you think?

by cokgoblin In reply to AJAX is NOT an innovation ...

AJAX is used in quite a bit in Wordpress and according to various sources wordpress powers 59 million websites or 15% to 25% of the active websites on the internet.

Do you live under a rock?

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