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By BorgInva ·
Anyone know of a program (you know me, hopefully FREE) that does an album view just like Freshview ( but will also add MOV to the album views instead of just pictures.
So, it puts everything in order, as it does with pictures, using a video icon or something for movies. When pressing the next or previous buttons, the video will either play or a prompt will ask you to download it or something.
Freshview only does pictures in album view. I am looking for something that includes movies in some fashion.

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by Wyrmlord In reply to Album View Program

you might want to try out IrfanView (which is free for non-commercial use AND does not require installation to run). Making albums is just one of the many things it does, but you can add about fifty file types to the slideshow, including ani, avi, wmv, mov, mpg and whatnot.
In my opinion, IV is really powerful. AND it can be made even more so if you add plugins to it.
Anyway, go see it, and give it a test ride:

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by BorgInva In reply to

I just tried it with 5 pics and 2 MOVs. I saved it as an EXE and played it, and I get errors on the movies. An MCI device. I went searching and it has to do with codecs. I tried two different codec install methods so far and nothing. I hate codecs.

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by saihib In reply to Album View Program

This may fix your codec issue.
There's also a program called Pro Show Gold
that could probably help you but it's not free.

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