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By petemcc ·
Why doesn't my alias show up sometimes when I respond to a question? Is there a timeout function?

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Me Too!

by Longoria In reply to Alias

I just out up a discussion "Convince me that I should change my password" and the Author (Alias) came up "Deleted".

Did I do something wrong, or is this related?


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Nope. It's this program.

by admin In reply to Me Too!

Happens to all of us. You'll find other bugs too :)

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by petemcc In reply to Nope. It's this program.

this is an experiment on alias posting

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by petemcc In reply to alias

this is part two of the experiment

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by petemcc In reply to alias

Here's part three.

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by SBWorks In reply to alias

Does mine post correctly?

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My curiousity...

by admin In reply to Curiosity

If I had it to do over again, I would choose the handle "user deleted" to see if I would pile up an extraordinary amount of points.

Otherwise, I think I might of narrowed this down a bit. Try this experiment:

Hit "Post a reply"

then begin replying
then get distracted by a user
then accept a coffee refill
then finish replying and post

It may, in fact, say: "User Deleted" when it posts

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Time Out?

by petemcc In reply to My curiousity...

I've been suspecting it's a time out function but I was trying to see in those previous posts if paging back and forth or opening new browser windows had an affect. The one thing I have been able to determine is that if you want to make SURE your alias shows up, write your comment in a text program - word,wordpad, whatever- open the discussion and paste it in.

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