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alias email addresses in exchange 2000

By f-3132159 ·
I would like to create an additional email address without having to create a user account. I know i can create an alias address on an existing user account but would like to be able to use this 'alias' address in the 'From' field in outlook so thatthe recipient only sees this alias address. I have been testing but when i add the alias smtp address to the From field, i get a message saying that i do not have the permissions to do this. I cannot find the place where i can amend these permissions. Am i going about it in the correct way?

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by ghstinshll In reply to alias email addresses in ...

I don't think I can giv eyou your exact answer since I'm not an exchange admin...

I do have the idea of creating a mailbox for a bogus user, and then make yourself a delegate of that account. You'll have to create an ID and password for that account and log in as that user, open mail, and set the delegate...

Oh wait! Just have your mail admin add the alias for you!!!!!

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by f-3132159 In reply to Hmmm

Thanks but this isn't quite what i'm looking for. I can add the alias email address to my user account. But i need to find a way to use this alias email address in the 'From' field so that the recipient just sees the alias address and nothing else.Any other suggestions out there?

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by ghstinshll In reply to

You'll have to use hte De;egates option I was getting at early in the previous reply... That's the only way I know of to get the "from" option to be different. I used to use a departmental mailbox to distribute mail for the office for tech updates,etc... That will work.

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by old and tired.. In reply to alias email addresses in ...

you are logged on as the user which has this alias account?

PS have sometimes found (no reason found yet) that if you start by
then select from the drop down tab for From...
viola...your alias account is there!

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nearly there but...

by f-3132159 In reply to

I've created the alias under my account; say for example I enter this address in the 'from' field and send it to myself. The name that appears on the received message is my full name rather than How can i change this? I've seen it done before probably with exchange 5.5.

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Set "reply to" address in Outlook

by Malcolm R In reply to nearly there but...

Did you set the "reply to" address in your message? In Outlook 2002, you click the "Options" button on your new mail message and change the "have replies sent to" box.


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