Alias Server Name, Will WINS solve my problem?

By bob ·
We are switching over our old servers to new win2003 servers but about 40 clients each have dozens of links and shortcuts to files on the old servers (e.g. //oldserver/word/word.doc)
How can I setup that //oldserver is just an alias and the request goes to the new server //newserver
so that both names would work to find a file?
This would save tons of time instead of going to each workstation and making changes.


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as long as

by lowlands In reply to Alias Server Name, Will W ...

the path stays the same from the share, you can create DNS aliases. So create pointing to the IP of your new server.

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Different domain

by bob In reply to as long as

The qualified domain name is different too so i dont think that can work.

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by CG IT In reply to Different domain

WINS is for mapping NetBIOS host names to addresses. Since your changing hosts, WINS won't work either.

If your already in an AD environment, I'd suggest that you create plan for user mapped paths with the new server. e.g. maybe run DFS or create a shared folder for each user and then a logon script which would map a drive to that shared folder. my opinion, DFS and a logon script or user mapping via their domain AD account would be the way to go.

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linked files

by bob In reply to WINS

Its not just a drive letter issues though. If it were i would not mind going to 50 machines and remapping drives.
Over the years the customer wrote hundreds of procedure documents in word for employees to follow. Each of this has many Links that when clicked on, bring up a new document (e.g. \\oldserver\worddocs\file1.doc) so unless i can get some sort of alias to make the system to to the new server on the new domain, litterly thousands of links in these documents would have to be manually changed.

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keep the same computer name

by CG IT In reply to linked files

as you stated the network path is \\<server name>\folder\file\.doc . One option is to keep the server name the same. This is probably the easiest and workable approach if there are thousands of links.

another approach is to revamp the entire procedure manual employees use into something easier for them find, search and view what they need to do their job. In the long run, this approach will probably solve the same problem the next time you upgrade.

You could use Sharepoint Services or an IIS internal web site as a central location for the manual

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Network alias

by bob In reply to keep the same computer na ...

The problem is this is all done and in place. New software was installed over the last couple of months and it was installed on the new servers, then the user data was just brought over from the old network. The new network contains 4 servers whos names can not be changed now.
We are stuck with the names and domain that the new servers are using, we we need some way to just have workstations go to the new server when the old server is called.
I tried putting the command in the hosts file to point to the new ip, but no luck.

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outta ideas bob

by CG IT In reply to Network alias

the path = \<computer name>\folder name\file name

once you rename the computers or put in a new computer with a different name you break the path. There's no way to make an alias that says the old name is now a new name and this is the address to reestablish the path.

you can however change computer names and even domain names in Windows Server 2003 if that's any consolation.

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Share and Aliases

by dduchemin In reply to as long as


It seems the aliases are not working with shares. I have tried several servers:
which have a share

both are working fine.

I created aliases

and when I try:

I am getting an error:
"Duplicate name on the network"

I have no other connection as I always remove the previous share try.


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You need to add a reg key.

by bart777 In reply to Share and Aliases

Server 2003 has a problem with mapping alias drives right out of the box. You just need to add or edit a registry key to get the problem resolved.

1. Create the CNAME record for the server on your DNS server, if you haven't already done so.

2. Apply the following registry change to the file server.
Locate and click the following key in the registry:

c. On the Edit menu, click Add Value, and then add the following registry value:
Value name: DisableStrictNameChecking
Data type: REG_DWORD
Radix: Decimal
Value: 1
d. Quit Registry Editor.

3. Restart your computer.

Hope this helps.

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