Alienware comp not showing monitor

By williamlukehearn ·
My 2001 Alienware Area 51 desktop computer was moved the other day and now when i try to turn it on, it clearly turns on but the monitor shows no response. When I try to to restart the monitor it sais no signal- going to sleep. I have tried the same monitor on another computer and it works fine, and I have also tried switching video cards in my computer and the monitor still shows no signal. It is not a problem with the power source, I have used the same one for a while and all of my other computers run fine on it.

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Look see if there is more than one Video Output Plug

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Alienware comp not showin ...

On this computer and try the other one if there is one. I have seen cases where the Wrong Video Out has been used and it is a very expensive Service Call for what is a easy fix.

As you have changed the Video Card here it is unlikely to have worked it's way out of the M'Board Socket slightly causing the Video Card to loose Contact and stop working so all you have left is the M'Board, CPU, RM or Power Supply at fault. As you have tested the PS in another computer that just leaves the M'Board, CPU or RAM to look at.

Open the case and make sure that everything is plugged in correctly when computers get moved some plug in Cards can move slightly and work their way slightly out of their sockets causing things like this to happen, While it is Generally Video Cards that do this any Plug In Card can suffer from this but they are more likely to be ones that plug into the M'Board and have a Mounting Screw in the Back of the case. This happens because the Case can move slightly because the Pop Rivets are not as tight as they should be. You may need to lie the case over on a flat surface and press down to straighten the case out and reset any Plug In cards.


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