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Alienware laptop is a lemon and getting a runaround

By jrmabry ·
I had purchased an Alienware laptop close to one year ago. Thank God I got the tree year on site warranty. Here are the problems I have had:

1. They sold me an external piece of equipment so I could watch TV and record etc. I received the part, instructions, even the remote control, but no port to connect to my laptop. Now, when asked about it, one of the techs said I received it as a promotion free. Well, after calling anyone in the company, I could think of, I found out I paid over $50 for it. So I demanded I wanted it fixed, so I had to send my laptop back, and when returned, no port?they did nothing. Another tech said and I quote ?You should sue them?.

2. Problem 2, I bought this with 2 gigs of RAM, but it will not work with both in. So they have me send it in again, said they tested it, and returned within a week, saying one of the memory chips was bad, so they gave me a new one. I don?t know how long they tested, but within an hour I had the same problems and could only use with half amount of RAM I paid for.

3. Finally after complaining and talking for literally hours, they said send it in again and they would put in a new motherboard, one so my RAM will work and two so there will be a port for so my TV will work. Guess what, I received my laptop back, no port for the TV, can still only use one RAM card.

4. Other problems, this thing would heat up and just stop running, so tech came and put in new fan. Three months later (today 3/15/06) they sent me some goo to put around the heat sink, why, because the new fan did not work.

What should I due, the company keep excellent phone records, I know this because other techs I speak with know that one tech straight out lied to me about getting the tv receiver for free.

Should I write or try to get corporate to hear what is going on? I have already talked with the so-called head of the tech department, doing no good. One year ago when I built it to my specs, I paid over $4600 and it has never worked. I am going to graduate school now so I cannot afford sending it anywhere. I do not beat on the thing, used to play games but not anymore, I am afraid something new will break. Any comment I would really appreciate it. I am at the end of my wire. Thanks

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by gpastorelli In reply to Alienware laptop is a lem ...

One thing you should do, find somewhere on the laptop inconspicuous and make a unique mark w/ a sharpie. Document where you made the mark, photograph it and demand they service it (ie. get a new motherboard, replace part). When you get it back, odds are it will have your mark still on it. Call back and demand to escalate the issue and inquire about receiving a new laptop. Although you may have tried some of these things I figured I'd tell you what I would try.

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