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    Alienware M15 R2 will only sometime turn on

    by goaliewon ·

    My alienware M15 R2 turned off randomly about a week or two ago (threw error code 6008) and I’ve only gotten it to turn on about two times since then. It appears to be completely random as to when it will turn on. I tried to remove the battery and press the power button and it won’t turn on, but if I randomly press the power button, sometimes it will decide to turn on and run fine for about a day and then it will turn off and not turn back on. When I do get it to turn on it asks me to “Finish Setting up Windows.” There are no beep codes, I ran hardware scans and everything passed, I will plug in the power cord to the computer and the power logo will light up and change colors like its running normal, but the power button will not respond to me pressing it.

    I’m confused as to what’s causing it because the computer is saying all hardware passes. Temps aren’t running high, no huge errors being thrown in event manager except 6008 which is when it shuts down randomly. The only thing that is off is when I went to my pc, it had the ram listed as “null-null-null” but that may be because I removed them to try to remove the battery to get to the CMOS battery. However, the computer runs perfectly when it decides to boot up so I have no idea.

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