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    All about the money


    by daniel ·

    I find it a real joke that Techrepublic offered a “free” site to us, one where we can access articles, ask and answer questions, etc. Now, many of the articles in this ‘free’ site require membership of $89/year (pretty big jump from free).

    I realize a business needs to be profitable, although I’m sure all the advertising on this site is not ‘free’ to those posting the ads. I just don’t see paying $89/year to review a few articles that contain information I can access somewhere else for free.

    I’d like to get your comments, and some other tech sites where I can go instead of Techrepublic.


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      I think you’r trying the wrong areas

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to All about the money

      Of the TR site there is a section for paid membership but I for one don’t sucrcibe as it is in US dollars which is nearly double my currency so it just isn’t worth the money for a bit of relaxation time. But you are free to particapate in any of the discussion groups or ther Q&A section without any problems and if you are prepared to answer questions and wait for acceptance you may even gain enough Tech Points to make things worthwhile as a Question Asker for help but then again most of the members that I’ve run across here would gladly help you for nothing as well.

      While there may be quite a few paidup members of that Section of TR and I’m sure that most would be US citizens as well the service that it offers just isn’t all that great for overseas members and if you stay away from the “Political” threads I’m sure that you will learn a lot and have any questions that you may have answered and even if you don’t get the right answer for your needs you will still learn a lot from being here.

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      There was a discussion (a Q&A actually). . .

      by maxwell edison ·

      In reply to All about the money

      …about the merits of shelling out the extra dollars for the extra information. Here’s a link to that Q&A:

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