All browsers have 100% CPU usage with Adobe Flash. How to limit it?

By nstoll ·
Firefox 6 and Firefox 7Beta use plugin-container to prove that the 100% CPU usage is a plugin and not their browser. Internet Explorer 8 which is the latest version for WinXP also uses 100% CPU when viewing webpages that display Adobe Flash. The same issue is present when using Google Chrome and Safari. Facebook and playing zynga games have become a nightmare to browse/play with how the Adobe Flash behaves. The Flash stops everything dead on all of the browsers and forces the computer to be shutdown using the task manager. When are the Operating Systems and the browsers, that are all adversarially affected by Adobe Flash, going to force Adobe Flash to provide a stable flash player for their products? Adobe keeps updating their flash player with one more unstable version. I have not yet found an effective way to control Adobe Flash Player's takeover of my browser and/or my computer.

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Double check for Malware

by Spitfire_Sysop In reply to All browsers have 100% CP ...

You might have a virus.
Uninstall Flash.
Scan with the antivirus of your choice.
Scan for malware using:
Malware Bytes, Super anti-spyware, Spybot S&amp.

Use CCleaner to clear out junk files and fix registry errors.

Then reinstall Flash.

Let us know if the problem is fixed.

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