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    All connection definitions disappeared from connections folder (WXP-Pro)


    by haarsaker ·

    I have a notebook that had a lot of shortcuts for all my connections in the connections folder (Work domain via built-in network card, home workgroup & ADSL connection via built-in WLAN card, a large number of internet and work-domain connections via a variaty og analogue modems, ISDN-adapters and IR-Mobile phone modems).

    Suddenly all connection shortcuts have disappeared from my connections folder. My work domain connection and the ADSL/home workgroup connections still work though – but the others (analogue, ISDN and IR-mobile modem connections are quite hard to start when the are no shortcuts.

    I can define new connections through the connection wizards – but there are no new shortcuts that appear. If I access Internet Explorers toorls | alternatives | connections – all the defined sonnections are visible though.

    Can anyone help me getting the connection definitions back and visible in the connections folder ?

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