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All desktop icons flashing

By dave ·
For the third time now after booting up, my desktop icons continuely fash on and off rapidly when I last did a restore it came right for a couple of days, also when I open an email, find and replace keeps coming up and will not close, please help this is very annoying

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Flashing Icons?

by Bizzo In reply to All desktop icons flashin ...

Icons generally get redrawn when the desktop is refreshed, or when group policy is applied.

Are you in a domain where group policy might be in place?

I'd run a virus check to see if you've caught something.

But if Find/replace keeps appearing?
Try swapping your keyboard. You could have a function key sticking that keeps refreshing the desktop and opening find/replace when in email?

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Flashing Icons

by dave In reply to Flashing Icons?

I am part of a domain but that all seems fine.
I have run my anti virus and highjackfix.
Your keyboard suggestion is a good one because for the last week my F5 button has not been working. My system is stable at the moment, but I have now changed keyboard and will monitor during today, thanks

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Definitely a keyboard problem

by Bizzo In reply to Flashing Icons

If your F5 key is a problem, then that'll be it.
If your focus is the desktop, F5 will refresh it, redrawing the icons.
If your focus is word, F5 will open "Find and replace"
If your focus is IE, F5 will reload the page.

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Keyboard Problem

by dave In reply to Definitely a keyboard pro ...

After you mentioned the keyboard, and remembering my F5 problem it all came together, sometimes you can't see the wood for the trees thanks Bizzo

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Sounds like your graphic card is going..

If you can delete your graphic card drivers.
The get another graphic card and put it in place of the old one, then download/update the graphic card drivers. Hope this works for you.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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Sounds like your graphics card is going

by dave In reply to Sounds like your graphic ...

Thanks for reply I will try that when I can get my pc to settle down, you maybe right but I don't think that is the main problem. My cpu usage is very unstable as it flashes from zero to 100% rapidly, Internet explorer is the same it is refreshing all the time even "freecell" options stays on and an open email
or word doc. opens with Find and Replace and I cannot cancel it.

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Ok, this problem is caused when you do not have much memory..

When you have little memory the processor goes overtime to keep up with the data flow, plus Windows will try and grab as much memory as it can for its swap file. and this swap file goes up and down with usage, Windows gets the extra memory from your harddrive(s) and ram plus anywhere else it can get the memory. This is why your computer is in the state it is. So your best port of call is the ram, get as much as you can on board, the second is your graphic card more memory on the graphic card the better. If you are using the on-board graphics then change over to a separate add on card. When you have these two sorted then you processor will come down a lot to a comfortable and stable level.
Also you may want to (if possible) run this:

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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