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all files are read only

By lheisey ·
Have a W2k AD server. Created new DC on W2k3 and gave it an entirely different domain name. All the data files were on the old server so I copies them to the new server. Now they are all "Read Only". I wanted to demote
the old server and make it a member server of the new domain in an attempt to get these files onto the new server but if I do this what will happen? I am a little worried that I cant get these files onto the new server and still be able to access them. Any help would be great.
I have change the attributes on the files but they continue to go back to Read Only. I am the system administrator but it doesn't matter.

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by voldar In reply to all files are read only

When copping files from NTFS partition to another NTFS partition, they get NTFS permissions from the destination folder. Your case is very simple. You have to take ownership of the folder as the new administrator on the new machine.

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by voldar In reply to

Not file by file but folders.

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by lheisey In reply to all files are read only

What process are you suggesting to do that? I guess an administrator doesn't automatically have ownership on a brand new domain do they? Do I have to do that file by file or primary directories or what?

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by srenard2003 In reply to all files are read only

Hello, I hope I can help. Were you always the system admin?. I know if the permissions were granted to you, they might have been taken away when the system was switched over. But try to do the files from primary directories. that might work. Good luck!!

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by atharaaa In reply to all files are read only


I agree with Vladolar, you just need to take the ownership of the files/folders in the new server where you had copied the files. I assume that you are admin of new server i.e. W2K3 and this can be solved amicably by taking ownership and later assign appropriate permissions to users.

Go to the folder/files Right click onto it > Properties > Security > Advance > Owner > Select your username displayed below and click apply/o.k. and you will be the owner of the files/folders. Then again right click the file/folder > properties > security > Add > search any use in the list of user and select it and assign appropriate permission. If you want everyone to have access to it, select everyone and then assing permission to it.

This way anyone can access those files/folders.

Hope the picture is clear.

Abdul Aziz

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by lheisey In reply to

I made myself (administrator) the owner of every file and still they are read only and can not be changed. I also attempted to create a new folder that I could share and then move files to it from the other server but the folder is immediately Read only. I then take ownership of that folder and it is still read only. THinking about rebuilding and starting all over.

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by lheisey In reply to all files are read only

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