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All files/folders disappeared off Mac desktop. SOS.

By dianevitale ·
Have a MacPro (2009) OSX El Capitan 10.11.6
All my very important Desktop files/folders disappeared!!!(Deck icons are fine,, also menu in bar..To make matters worse my backup is kaput)
Bought Mac used months or so ago from local PC tech who just had surgery & can't help me. This technically challenged ole gal tried to troubleshoot. read to check iCloud. Never used. Opened iCloud and asked for me to sign up. Won't accept email and pw. so take it nothing is in iCloud? Nothing in trash. Configured to show all drives, etc on desktop. Nothing appeared back. Nothing in finder. Am in a BAD spot. My very valued PS files are needed for my biz. Saw something online about process to recover, but backed out. Beyond my very limited know how, fearing I would make worse. Any help would be dearly appreciated.
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