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all Holidays have been removed.!.

By dawgit ·
I've heard of the 'Grinch' who stole Christmas, but now it seems MicroSoft took the rest too. According to the German News Magizine 'Computer-Week' people are more than a little upset when they could not find any Holidays in MicroSofts Outlook for this year. (nope, no 'Easter Bunny') It seems that the holidays were programed in up through 2005 in Outlook2002; 2003; and OutlookXP. (I don't know if this omission is only in the German editions) It's causing so casternation here however, as many closings are closings are tied to set Holidays (that arn't there) Re: [ ]

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by Jaqui In reply to all Holidays have been re ...

they are just a waste of time anyways

who needs stat "holy days"? [ the real term for days like easter.

really makes sence, celebrate the murder of your god.
[ funny thing is, a real god couldn't be killed ]

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by oneamazingwriter In reply to good..

The theme of Easter is that He is risen, not that he is dead. The idea being that He turned to the sh*t fairy, and said (my paraphrasing), "OK, I did this death thing. Is that all You've got? I'm back, move on."

(Hey! if the Living Bible can bring things into present day language, who's to say that I can't?)
Obviously no one is asking me to instruct at any Sunday school... :) but as I see it, it's a matter of grasping a concept.

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by Jaqui In reply to Jaqui

"good friday" is the day he was killed.
why should it be part of celebrating the defeat that happened three days later, on monday?

literally, good friday is celebrating his murder.

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all of them

by dawgit In reply to but..

Friday, Sunday and Monday are all Holidays in Europe, just so they don't take a chance of leaving anyone out. Cover them all, just in case. (and it's a 4 day weekend, most everybody called in sick today, so it's a week off) Now that's how you do a Real Holiday. :-)

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I guess it's all in how you see it

by oneamazingwriter In reply to but..

I see it as a reminder that he paid the ultimate price for me. When I was a child there was a period on Good Friday afternoon that people didn't even speak. It's an awesome experience to remember because retail businesses would shut down for a couple of hours. It was as if the world stopped.

I didn't understand any of it back then, but I am glad that I was exposed to such behavior. Back then stores were closed on Sunday's, too. There were all sorts of things around me that were affected by Christianity (the religion).

While I do have my faith, I am not religious in the traditional sense, but I respect that others are. I see traditions as pretty things and figure they are there partially for those who lack common sense. Things that are done to keep reverence alive are beautiful. Things that are done because "this is the way we do things" never made any sense to me at all. I think it's all a matter of individual motive.

As humans, culture and background play a large part in what we "celebrate". We're emotional critters whether we like that or not.

OK...I shared something from my, can you explain to me in layman's terms what ROI means? When I look it up on 1-click I don't "get it". I'm picking up terms here as fast as I can, but that one just doesn't sink in. (Talk about off topic!!)

Should I type in edit now, so I don't have to come back and type it in again after I hit Submit? Those are the important questions in my mind!

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by Jaqui In reply to I guess it's all in how y ...

Return On Investment

how much will the company make after investing this money?
invest $100,000.00 they would want to see a ROI at a minimum of $1,000,000.00 [ 10 to 1 return ]
in projected income before commiting the money.

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by oneamazingwriter In reply to ROI?

I saw that and abandoned it as a non-computer term! Duh? Making money...of course. That IS what this is all about! ROFL

ROI, then could also apply to whether it's worthwhile to invest time in repair over wiping out and beginning again, too, right?

Along that line of thought my ROI in TR is definitely 10 to 1.

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by gpastorelli In reply to but..

I don't want to get in a religious battle but I'll just say my piece with regard to that. Yes it's celebrating his death. Reason we celebrate it is though. Jesus had no sin, he was born to a virgin therefore there was no sin in him. Biblically the man carries the sin, b/c "Eve was deceived, Adam was beguilded." Adam knew what he was doing was wrong, Eve was only deceived. So he was born without sin, lived without sin and died without sin. But before Jesus' rise, everyone went to ****, good, bad, everybody. There are some passages that explain the "good" went to a different part of ****, but **** nonetheless.

Anyways, Jesus went to ****, and on the third day the light shone that he was of no sin therefore couldn't be held liable to the sin of Adam so he rose again and ascended into Heaven. Therefore, anyone who accepts Jesus' has there sins paid for because a sinless man (Jesus) paid for the sins of mankind. Think of it as a pre-paid salvation.

That's the reason we celebrate good friday. You don't have to believe anything I said but like I said that's why Christians celebrate his "murder" b/c he sacrificed himself so that those who accepts and believed would be saved.

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Ich spreche nicht Deutche

by oneamazingwriter In reply to all Holidays have been re ...

And I don't even remember how to spell the little I do remember. (How's that for a sentence?) The one phrase I do remember is to be able to ask you to come to the library with me. I can pronounce it but the spelling? Kommst du mit in die bibliotech? (What can I say. I was never Anything But a nerd!)

I'll study that link anyway, dawgit, and see if anything comes back to me.

edit: of course!

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in a nut

by dawgit In reply to Ich spreche nicht Deutche

shell... I think I pretty much got the meat of it translated anyway. It was a short piece, The next issue comes out tommorow, I'll check if it's in there, and let ya'll know.

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