All in One printer problem, Can anyone help

By wagihs ·
I have hp all in one 3050 printer, I had some issues with the scanning software, so, I tried to update the firmware but after about 50% the printer stopped responding and the status through the usb cable is NOT Ready state, and the printer panel shows only HP and not responding to any keypress by the way there is an ethernet connection for this printer but i didn't try to use it for updating the firmware. Can anyone help in this issue.

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I suggest the following at this point...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to All in One printer proble ...

Disconnect the printer from the computer.

Uninstall the printer drivers.

Reboot the computer.

Reconnect the printer, allowing the computer to re-discover the printer and install the drivers for it.

That way it'll get you back to the start.

What was the problem that made you attempt to upgrade the firmware for it?

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Thanks for fast rep

by wagihs In reply to I suggest the following a ...

I have already tried that but the printer is not discoverable by the computer anymore. the issues that pushed me to upgrade the firmware was a conflict when using the HP scanning software and the windows scanner and camera wizard and photoshop, I had to re-install the drivers to get this problem solved evrytime I use the HP scanning software the others are stucked when communicating with the scanner.

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If "the printer is not discoverable by the computer anymore"...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Thanks for fast rep

Perhaps you ought to ensure that ALL traces of the printer having been previously connected are thoroughly removed. This INCLUDES the registry.

Download and run CCleaner. Here is the link:

Maybe THEN the computer will recognise the printer and allow a fresh install of the supporting software.

If that works, but you still have a compatibility problem, I would not advise trying to cure it by upgrading the FIRMWARE - better to visit the manufacturer's site and get any SOTWARE upgrades.

Or, perhaps, PATCHES for your particular hardware combination.

<Edited for afterthought>

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Printer stopped responding?

by ComputerCookie In reply to All in One printer proble ...

Are sure it was the printer and not the pc, I have a 3020 and whenever I check for up[dates I find that the crap program statusclient.exe stalls the computer, I know well enough to remove it from start up but when checking for updates??

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Yes it is the printer itself

by wagihs In reply to Printer stopped respondin ...

I tried to connect it to my desktop and the laptop and got the same results.

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