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All my respect for McAfee has just died.

By .Martin. ·
the latest McAfee DAT file (595 has decided that on Windows XP SP3 computers, svchost.exe is a virus, and continues to quarantine it.

it looks like what little respect for McAfee I had, has just died.

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It was fixed hours ago.

by IC-IT In reply to All my respect for McAfee ...

The patch is available now.
At 10AM PST, McAfee had emailed the issue and the steps to roll back the update.

Edited to add this; It came in at 1:30PM PST;

Emergency DAT 5959 has been posted and is available at This file is available in English and is replicating in other languages. For MORE information, go to the 5958 DAT Report on

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it may have been fixed hours ago

by .Martin. In reply to It was fixed hours ago.

but I only noticed it minutes ago

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That is actually good

by IC-IT In reply to it may have been fixed ho ...

I heard some sites had to jump through hoops and physically touch many systems.
We lucked out here. :-) ;-)

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It shouldn't have happened in the first place.

by jmgarvin In reply to It was fixed hours ago.

McAfee has been nothing but a thorn in my side for years. This proves they actually create a subpar product (along with Norton and others).

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That took long enough.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to All my respect for McAfee ...

Mine died years ago when it let a virus slip past into my system.

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by pgit In reply to All my respect for McAfee ...

Anyone else here glad they blacklist XP SP3? Wonder why it flags the friggin core executable environment only on SP3???

I think this is an oversight on McAfee's part, but like the famous Norton 2002 + win98 fiasco it's very telling. What, exactly, did they overlook? Could it be untoward behavior in SP3 that comes stock in Vista and beyond? ...that they 'forgot' had been retrofitted to XP via SP3?

I think yes... thank you McAfee! I mean that most sincerely. It's not often this kind of random 'make work' error also turns the lights on to reveal Microsoft with their undies around their ankles...

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