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All my work is gone!

By zlitocook ·
One small company I contract out to has two servers and eight computers on it. I just do break fix, if the wireless is not working or they can not get out to the internet. I call the provider, Charter and they seem too be getting worse.
My wife works for this company so I give them a discount for my services. They have used The Geek Squad for some things and another company to run the cables.
Here is the problem, the server ( it is just a fast computer) that is three years old and had Nortons antivius installed but never updated.
Well after six viuses and two back door trojans, the real owner of the company has lost a weeks work and the server was not accessable.
I recovered the files but the whole network was trashed.
We sent the drive that was infected to a recovery company and they saved all the data to a DVD.
If you support a company have them back up to a tape/cd or dvd.

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Good story

by BFilmFan In reply to All my work is gone!

Again proof that just because you operate a successful business doesn't mean you understand your network infrastructure!

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End users don't (want to) know

by G... In reply to All my work is gone!

...And a updated anti-virus with firewall and anti-spyware.
It's just so stupid that people try to save money on safety.
I would never take a job in a place like that.


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Not cost

by ozi Eagle In reply to End users don't (want to) ...

I don't think cost is necessarily the reason that updates aren't installed, leastways not directly.
What I find is that the AV etc is installed but the update is too "inconvenient", ie takes time and sometimes effort.
If they only have dial up then an update of 3-4MB can take quite a bit of time, especially if they've just logged on to find something they need then, they won't wait 10 -15 minutes for the download. They tell themselves that they will do it "NEXT TIME". When the system crashes do to infection, they act sheepish, won't go broadband and do it all over again.

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