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    all tabs for desktop properities missing. cant reinstall vid


    by roise3000 ·

    hello, i have this problem with my video card. Not so long ago, i am lacking the AGP acceleration, which i check from run->dxdiag. Now has come the time to fix this, but it appeared to be more difficult then spoken… i found out that my videocard driver is marked with a “!”. but there it is, and the name is correct… GeForce FX 6600 GT. When trying to reinstall the driver with the newest, i get the well know error [code]”the nvidia setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. setup will now exit”[/code]
    i tried with older drivers as i read somewhere that new drivers could be problematic !!!8O …, i tried to uninstall then reinstall… the same error occurs , i even tried to manually install the drivers by going into the device manager, rightclick -> update drivers -> choose manual location -> .inf file…this one works fine, as long as you don’t restart… after restart, it loses the acceleration again and the driver gets “!” again… By saying that it works, i mean it REALLY WORKS!… i get all the needed resolution, all types of acceleration, Direct3D, AGP, everything works fine untill next reboot… ???
    Right now i am running a virus scan, with most recent update virus signatures, but hardly it will be the problem…

    Most interesting is the fact that all of my desktop properties tabs are missing, (right click on desktop ->properties) NO TABS, only theme window… can change themes, though :), even more interesting is that when i change themes i get all tabs back, everything works normal, as long as i dont close the properties screen by pressing OK or cancel, If i do, NO TABS AGAIN. I am trying to find and solve this without having to reinstall Windows… a lot of stuff to reinstall then, after… so..if anyone any ideas… you are welcome 🙂 10x a lot in advance

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      This post belongs in the Questions forum

      by Sonja Thompson ·

      In reply to all tabs for desktop properities missing. cant reinstall vid

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